Wednesday, 30 March 2011

World Cup 2011- India Vs Pakistan- Magnificent!

Before the match:
The big fuss about the India-Pakistan match seems to be growing every second and the excitement seems to be never ending. Restaurants, lounges, showrooms have all put up LCD displays and projector screens making it possible for everyone to watch the match. Cognizant prevised beforehand that employees will never gonna miss the most significant match of 2011 World Cup and might take an off from work. So they've put up LCD monitors in all cafeterias that telecast Star Sports non stop. Undoubtedly, India-Pakistan match is regarded as the biggest "rivalry" in this World Cup 2011 and is quoted as the "Mother of all matches." The expectancy and eagerness among Indian cricket maniacs and everyone in my company is at its core with everyone checking their watches every 5 minutes wanting it to tick faster. The move was satisfactory as not many in my office took an off because Cognizant has enabled everything to watch the cricket match live. Encouraging the cricket spirit, Indian and Pakistan supporters (there weren't any for Pakistan!) were allowed to wear team jerseys and it was blue everywhere. 1:30pm and the cafeterias were jam packed already. Hope the Men in Blue will not let us down!

During the match:
Even if the building was on fire, people give a damn about it as far as it doesn't interrupt the live telecast. People were glued to their seats; rest were standing and the cafeterias were crammed that for a second it felt like the room was flexible enough to accommodate so many people. Loud hurrahs and roaring was obviously for the Master Blaster whenever he appeared on the screen that could be heard from miles away. I could see people sitting at the edge of their seats watching the match live and parallely praying for India to win. As soon as the match started the excitement meter begins to dance up the scale. People so want Indians to win this match as it was not just a game, it was war! Me thinks that people wont be much gleeful when India wins the World Cup as much as when it defeats Pakistan.

The cheer was loud enough to break the decibel meter when Sehwag comfortably hit each ball across the boundary line. The enthusiasm ceased as soon as Wahab Riaz sent him off the ground. Sachin was lucky enough to hit 85 after four lives until Saeed Ajmal caught the ball. As the match went on, people didn't really like the progression of the game and started to lose hope when Yuvraj Singh went back to pavilion hitting nothing. 260 was a decent score after all. Unfortunately, it wasn't for Pakistan. In the end, People already started bursting crackers and howling around when Pakistanis were to hit 30 runs in 6 balls. Misbah-ul-Haq played really good but it wasn't good enough to win the match. Indians contained it very well and was a great match after all.

After the match:
Celebrations were colorful and for a second, it looked like a festival. Thousands of people jumping and howling on the road as Indians entered into the finals. Crackers went on for so long till it woke up everyone who was sleeping (the oldies!!) Youngsters went around in bike holding the Indian flag celebrating the victory. It all subsided later after 11:30pm.

Hope the Indians defeat Sri Lankans and would win the World Cup 2011. Thankfully, the finals is on Saturday Apr 2nd. Guess everyone will want to watch it with their big friends gang that will make it more exciting and exhilarating. Two days to go and the clock ticks......


Office: Eveyone standing for
the National Anthem.

Office: Crowd in Cafeteria -1

Office: Crowd in Cafeteria -2

Celebrations (from Google)

Celebrations (from Google)

Office: Crowd in cafeteria.

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