Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Special Post.

Today is one of the most significant day in the history of mankind. Wonder why? Its the birthday of the most influential, passionate, deterministic, vivid and most promising person on earth. The one who defines the power of human existence. The man who is admired for his courage and numerous accomplishments; The man who could turn the world upside down; The man with copious feat; An oomph booster that Jonny Depp has to lick his shoes!; Master of the Masters; Legend of the Legends. Wonder who I'm extolling here? Well, its none other than yours truly. LOL! Yes, Today is my birthday and it went great. Birthdays are just another day if there are no family and friends around. Friends may seem annoying sometimes but it doesn't take much time to realise the bliss out of their annoyance. It used be our custom to go to birthday boy's home, ringing the bell at night 12 o clock with a cake in hand singing the birthday song when he opens the door and smashing the cake on his face. Since all my friends were scattered across different parts of India, the custom was knocked off. Still, their calls at sharp 12 made me feel very happy and also made me hit the bed very late at night.

Though you have many customs among your friends group, there is one universal custom among all friends across the globe which is known as- "treat!" (not sure if it applies for girls since money spending is something which they've never done before, unless its for them!) Treat can simply be defined as- An occasion camouflaging bankruptcy for the one treating you! Treat is a unique way of celebrating birthday in which you take friends to a good restaurant in town, treat them with whatever they like and make them strong enough for them to kick your ass. Yes, ass kicking is another custom called "birthday bums!" It only happens among friends that you get them good food to eat and get your ass kicked. LOL! That is why birthdays are just another day when there are no friends around!!

I sure have to mention about a special fawning mail I received for my birthday from one of my close friends. The mail was all buttered up with exaggerated flattery words and had some of my funny pictures. It was one of the things that made my day!!

Its 5:50pm and my day was fun till now and hope the rest of the day brings me more surprises. I would like to thank all my friends through this post for remembering and wishing me on my birthday today. I hope this year turns out all good to me and be more prosperous than ever! ;-)

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