Tuesday, 29 March 2011

One step forward.

Like tides in the sea slowly reaching the shore that subsides into the cold beige sand, today yours truly have steadily but successfully completed one astounding year in one of the world's faster growing companies- Cognizant Technology Solutions (ironic eh? That's what made it to the top!) Completion of one year means that my probation period is over and I'm a permanent employee of Cognizant. Looking back one year behind, there used to be moments of uncertainty in comprehending my future, an unclear vision of what lies ahead. Torrents of question falls on me like freezing rain that each drop of it tore through the pores of my skin for which the answers, again, were insoluble. I'm kind of a person who takes things easy, who thinks the world is not gonna end today and I still have more time left to accomplish any task. Take-it-slow policy is what i follow and it helps me in many ways, though I'm not sure if it helps others. If you had read this post of mine, you would have a picture of what it is for me to be an employee of a company like Cognizant.

Three months of an amazing life in the Cognizant Academy (a place where trainees are technically and professionally groomed) was the best ever. My friends list extended limitlessly when was in the Academy that each and every minute of my stay there was fun. After been put in business unit, things have changed the way it used to be as most of us were scattered across India. The bonding that the Academy groomed between friends were still thick and strong that we'll have a conference at least once a week to update ourselves to know what is happening with each other.

For your office hours to be easy going, your team have to be fun. My new team is much convivial than the previous one and fun to be in for i believe that its the team that really converts one from 'trainees' to 'experienced' and if its not absolute, he is a trainee forever.

There were days when uncertainty prevailed; life had become a question that I felt like walking blindfolded in an already dark place; facing reality had come almost indistinct; when the biggest imperfection in life, being unemployed stuck hard like a bullet, Never really had imagined of myself being in one of the top IT companies in the world as these CMMi level 5 companies weren't in my list in the first place throughout my job hunt during the recession period. But after all, the improbability of me becoming an employee of a well reputed organization apparently wasn’t too big for my boots and I'm proud to be called a Cognizant employee. Hope the upcoming years that lie ahead teaches me lot of stuffs morally and technically that all success comes my way and prosperity prevails.. ;-)

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