Friday, 21 December 2012

Kadal - Elay Keechan Guitar Tabs

A.R.Rahman songs are always the best. 'Elay Keechan' from Mani Ratnam's Tamil movie Kadal couldn't be rated any lesser than "exceptional". This song would make you move to its snappy country style guitaring. Rahman is the best in composing songs which would have simple loop repeat over and over again yet sounds amazing. This song has a guitar loop which goes on till the end of the song and learning that would make you learn the complete song. And this is the guitar tabs for the song..



Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai [Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]

This song has always been my favorite. Its Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai from the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Roopkumar Rathod's amazing singing has given extra life to this song. The song itself has got some magic within which could make anyone feel good. It was one of my friends who wanted me to sing this song as she thought my voice suits best for this song and yes, it came out well. Thanks to her. It was a real tough song for me and i think i have given my best. Though i couldn't get even close to Roopkumar Rathod's awe-inspiring style of singing, at least my voice could get close to his (RR fans would kill me for this lol. I was referring to my husky base voice and nothing else.). My Hindi might sound funny as I don't speak Hindi nor could follow the accent. So please excuse my funny Hindi accent. Please let me know your valuable feedback and comments.

Pani Da Rang Cover

Ppl. This is my casual try on the song 'Pani Da Rang' from the Bollywood movie Vicky Donor. A very romantic song which could easily get into you the first time you listen to it. This video was born during our night out at Joseph's. He got the idea of recording it when i was casually playing the song (he might've fallen under the "i-loved-it-the-first-time-i-listened-to-it category just like me :P). Just after a quick run through, i started playing while he was shooting it with his awesome DSLR. And here it is... BTW, that's his classical 6 strings...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Yenna Solla Yethu Solla [Manam Kothi Paravai]

This is my next track "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" from the movie 'Manam Kothi Paravai.' Who wouldn't admire Vijay Prakash's amazing style of singing? I just wanted to try out the song and i did.

When most of my friends worry about not going out on a trip very often, I fall under the (un)fortunate  group who go on a short journey everyday! Nah. Im talking about my office here. I will have to travel a 2 hrs short journey to, and 2hrs from, my office everyday. So tiring, yeah!

I've not made much friends in the bus cuz most of them would prefer 'having a wobbly sleeping' over 'talking and getting to know each other'. But there is one unfortunate friend of mine who happens to be my college junior, who accompany me and we would talk about stuff that would never let us feel the rush of time. I stumble upon this "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" song when she played it on her phone,  and then kept playing that song in repeat mode till the song completely got into me. Vijay Prakash's amazing style of singing made me wanna try the song out. And hence done. :-) Thanks to her for playing that song to me (though I could've stumbled up on the song on the radio later, this post wouldn't have come now! :P)

This song's got D.Imman's signature all over it. The song kinda brings up "Mayna Myna Nenjukkule" song from the movie 'Myna' when listening to "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" song. May be because of the beat. An amazing song anyways.

Hope you like the track. Please don't forget to give your comments and valuable feedback. ;-)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thuli Thuliyay (Cover)

Who would not want to listen to Shankar Tucker's songs in repeat mode in their PMP? I do. I loved this song the first time i listened to it.  Vandana Srinivasan's mesmerising voice, her amazing singing and of course, Shankar Tucker's A-W-E-S-O-M-E music, all mix together so well to give out a track that would make you wanna listen to it over and over again.

I happen to stumble upon this track on YouTube just a week ago. The song kept me listening to it everyday until every cell in my body absorbs this song and makes me feel good. I so wanted to make Thuli Thuliyay cover and finally here it is...

Click here to download mp3

I've used FL Studio to compose the track, Audacity for effects and mixing and a basic desktop mike for recording. So track quality will be poor. Please listen to it and share your valuable feedback and suggestions. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yuvvh- Nenjodu Cherthu (Cover)

This is my cover of the song "Nenjodu Cherthu" by Yuvvh. One of my friends posted this song on his Facebook wall on the first day of its release and I happen to stumble upon it. I instantly fell in love with the song and the visuals and hence i wanted to give it a try. Hence i came up with this. I know I've made a lot of mistakes in my singing but still it was just my try (I'm not a professional singer! Duh!!).

I've used a basic desktop microphone to record the song and I've mixed tracks using Audacity. So please bear with the quality. Im planning to buy a studio mike and that day is not too far away ;-)

Click here to download Mp3.
Click here to download karaoke (Guitar Version)

Hope you like it. Please listen to it and share your valuable feedback.

**************POSTING CHORDS UPON REQUEST***************


Nenjodu cherthu, pattonnu padan
Pattinte eenam neeyanu
Kaanathe kannil, ariyathe nenjil
Viriyunnu chitram, neeyanu

D#m A#m                  C#
Nee varu, ee pattin raagamai
D#m A#m                  C#
Nee tharoo, ee chitram varnamai
Hridayam thookum pranayama
Nalki njanum nila sandhye
B                                                        C#
Thirike nanayum mizhikal, nalki neeyum engo maanju

D#m         C#            G#m         A#m
Nenjodu cherthu, pattonnu padan
D#m     C# G#m  A#m
Pattinte eenam neeyanu

D#m                           A#m
 Kananai mohangal chirakadikkumbol,
B                                        C#
Snehathin kaattayi nee enne thalodi
D#m                               A#m
Mizhiyile mozhiyilum ninmugham mathramai
B                                C#
Kanavile kannilum nin niram mathram
G#m                A#m  G#m A#m  
Maayalle akale akale akale

D#m         C#            G#m         A#m
Nenjodu cherthu, pattonnu padan
D#m     C# G#m  A#m
pattinte eenam neeyanu

D#m                             A#m
Chollanai kavyangal ezhuthiyathellam
B                                         C#
Nin chundil pookkunna hindolamayi
D#m                             A#m
Aazhiyum maariyum nin swaram mathrameki
B                                 C#
Ninavile nizhalilum ninte nishwasam
G#m               A#m G#m A#m  
Thedunnu arikil nee innivide

D#m         C#            G#m         A#m
Nenjodu cherthu, pattonnu padan
D#m     C# G#m  A#m
Pattinte eenam neeyanu
D#m        C#        G#m      A#m
Kanathe kannil, uhuhooohuhu…
D#m           C#          G#m      A#m
Viriyunnu chitram, uhuhoohuhu….

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pickle Boyz- Sila Ponnunga Podra Scene'u Thaangala (Hasinithanam)

This is our next song called "Sila Ponnunga Podra Scene'u Thaangala (Hasinithanam)." This song bloomed out of one topic that my friend Harish and me JUST HATE- "Hasinithanam". Its the name we christened for girls who act a little too much/pamper themselves that's pushed a little too far. Simply, their histrionics.

Click here to download Mp3

The character "Hasini" in the movie Santhosh Subramaniam is one of the best examples of the type of girls that the song is targeted at. And hence the name "Hasinithanam." Being a software professional, there are hundreds and hundreds of Hasini-s we notice everyday (we sustain everyday!) to make a song about. It was during one of our coffee breaks that we've decided to dedicate a beautiful song to all the Hasini-s around the world. Soon after, Harish started penning the lyrics and I started composing the track and that's how the song was born.

This song was all set to release back in December 2011. But since due to certain reasons there's been a very long gap. But this long gap helped me understand how girls really feel about the song. This song was played to few of my friends, both boys and girls. Few of them appreciated the effort of coming up with a song dedicated to all Hasini-s around the globe. Few boys were really really excited of the fact that finally a song has come up telling everything about Hasini girls. Few girls could not accept that the song wasn't about all the girls but only the few Hasini girls that everyone come across everyday. And hence we've put up a disclaimer note stating that the song ISN'T about all the girls but the Hasini girls.

There's never really been any hard work in penning the lyrics as its just about the sort of girls we see everyday. I think the lyrics and the music mix so well bringing out what it really intends. HURRAH!! Pickle Boyz have finally made the song. Here it is.

Hope you like it. Please post your valuable comments.

Again! Its not about all the girls in the world but the few over-dramatic/melodramatic girls a.k.a "Hasinithanam."

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Will the earth cease to exist after 2012?

Most of my friends' this year's resolution is to freak out as much as they can cuz they believe that this year is gonna be their last year for the earth to exist, after which, the globe will shatter to pieces (such dumb friends i have!) or cease to exists. Humiliate them not cuz they do not want to take a risk on that noticing all the drastic changes that happening around but an opinion like that is just a mere joke, me thinks.

The recent inventions and discoveries suprises me a lot. Lately, I stumbled upon an article on disproving Einstein's theories in The Week magazine. E=mc2- The formula which we all have been using for years have been disproved by scientists. Further more experiments have been followed to claim Einstein was wrong. E=MC2 has been the only reason for me to scrape through all my physics papers. I used to breif out what E was, what "=" was, what M and C was and why C was squared, who Einten was, about the apple which fell on his head with which he came up with the law of gravity etc for pages and pages. And yes of course it was all from my head and not from the books. Disproving the only formula i know in physics makes me feel a little thick.

Einstein's theory was that no particle can travel faster than light. But scientists have discovered that neutrinos can travel faster than light and with that, they have also discovered that it is possible to travel back in time. Humans percieve things by the reflection of light. You see a person and you can see him by the light reflecting from his body reaching your eyes and hence you are able to see him. If neutrinos are claimed to travel faster than light, it is possible to travel back in time. Imagine the 'neutrinos powered' you can run fater than light, and when you stop and one point and turn back you see yourself running. Since the neutrinos are faster than light, you travel faster than the light and that you perceive things by reflection of light, you can see your our self running behind as light travels slower than neutrinos. Kinda funny to understand the notion but if everything falls in place and things's been proved, anything can happen.

If its proved that its possible to travel back and forth in time, then I have so much to change and to design my future. It makes one feel a magician! I wish scientists slog a little more on investigating our earth's length of life!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

"Morning cold"- in Chennai as well !!

I got up in the morning and for a second I thought if i were in Bangalore. I was telling my friends in Banglore that I was gonna visit them. And when I woke up, the morning temperature took me aback that for a second it made me think that my friends have abducted me to Banglore until I took my thinking cap off. When I was traveling in my office bus, for a moment, the trembling code served a reason for popping another question up my head- that if I were sick. Thank God I'm not. Cuz everyone was sunk into their seats to warm themselves up. Feels really good to come up against a temperature like this once in a blue moon as Chennai is meant for scorching your skin. I request all Americans to visit Chennai for sunburns, cuz it could really burn your ass off.

I thank God for a wonderful morning but I'm not sure how my task of the day would change it to as I'm working in an IT company- you never know how worse things have turned out until you realise it, cuz when you realise it, its always worse!

Thank you Pongal

This Pongal has been the one important reason for everyone to reach home early after office. I plump myself in my office bus for two and half hour journey everyday till i reach home after office. I have three office buses of my route running at different times which gives me a choice to choose the one which my work coerce me to. In bygone days, I used to board the 6:30pm bus which drops me home at 9:00pm. And then when i exert myself for my mundane project, sitting in front of the electronic idiot box, oblivion to what the hell is happening around and then all of a sudden I get to look at my watch and realize its time for me to leave, I started boarding the 7:30pm bus which drops me home by 9:45pm-ish. And then when my project gives me a screwed up issue which i need to get it fixed to avoid abhorrent reprimands on status calls the next day from someone who'll have sunbath in the beaches of US of A to make him not look pale or pigment-ally challenged, I started boarding the 8:30pm bus which drops me home by 10:30pm-ish. No matter what, the traffic on the roads of OMR at any given time will be the same as there are thousands of other I-dont-have-a-clue-on-what-the-hell-is-happening-in-my-project IT schleppers just like me. But today was unconventional and fresh. The roads seems to give a "black carpet" welcome for all IT buses pushing aside the traffic, which got me home unbelievably early. This happened in the morning as well. Reached office very early. But that's just not what we want yeah?

Thank you Pongal. I hope you come once a month on different names.