Friday, 4 March 2011

TRAIs "100 sms per day" is a dumb rule.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced a nonsensical regulatory restricting mobile phone users to send only 100 sms per day. This has to be one of the stupidest move by TRAI. Authorities say that they have to introduce this rule so as to "cease" telemarketing people from sending bulk message on free jobs, free PAN services and stuff. In this state-of-the-art world, who would come up with such a dumb idea of restricting 100 sms/day to everyone in India just cuz a bunch of telemarketing muttonheads sends bulk sms? Well, TRAI does!

I always had a strong dislike for the radio that plays in my office bus cuz it would not let me sleep as the RJs incessantly prattle on some random shit right into my ears. This news wasnt a 'random shit' after all. (Info: Now, I learnt the art of sleeping even when the radios play next to my ears in full volume! LOL!) Since i have to sleep bearing RJs constant blabber waves flowing through my ears, my mind makes a dream out of RJs indiscreet talk! To be honest, I was startled from my sleep without my knowledge when this news gushed into my ears! All i had to say about the news was: "IT'S INSANE!"

I wonder how the thousands of people, who are blessed with a girlfriend in their life, would feel. Since im not very fortunate on that part, everything is the same to me except for one thing- that i wont be able to send Rahman updates to my friends! Texting has become a dope to all college goers and something with a rule like this, would defenitely dishearten them. Imagine how would you feel when you were so close in making a girl fall in love with you with the contemporary cupid weapon "text messaging" (Booster package. Of course!) and you were deprived from sending free messages?

To serve steadfastly in sending Rahman updates to my fellow friends, i called the Vodafone Customer Care to confirm the news. They said that the TRAI's rule has not been effectuated on Vodafone as yet and that they will let their customers know if it does. I also happened to come across some forums on the internet where the discussion on the TRAI subject concluded by someone stating that the TRAI took back the 100 sms rule. There is also a Facebook page called "Take back the rule of 100sms a day" opposing TRAIs witless rule.

It makes sense if they come up with something else to stop telemarketing bulk sms rather than this. Hope TRAI realises how stupid it is and take back the rule. Looking forward to what is gonna happen..


Tintu said...

This is a very Bad move from TRAI. It seems that they are restrctng our life they r nt leting us 2 live our life freely.... instead of bringing such change govt should thnk about other matters also which is still pending and no actions have been imposed yet then why this TRAI rules...... this was d only medium for every1 2 keep contact n u r restrctng dis...... tats a very bad move and govt should withdraw this rule asap... M requesting on behalf of every person of our country to withdraw dis rule n let us live our life freely....... hope d needfull will be done soon....

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@Tintu: Would be better if this shit rule is revoked!!!