Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Zzzz Grrrrs!!

I think i will be able to turn the sky green; I think i will be able to walk on water; I think will be able to sneeze with my eyes wide open; I think i will be able to do everything what Rajinikanth could; except for one thing- getting up in the morning and jog. On the contrary, there is one guy in my office who never misses jogging every morning, no matter what. I tried to be 'him' for just one day and had set alarm at three consecutive time around 5 am, with a hope that it might wake me up. No. Even the repeated raucous hooting of the alarm failed in walking me up. Kept snoozing the alarm every time it rang and resumed my sleep. I'm still not able to find out if its my mind that automatically tells me to snooze the alarm or my hand, unconscious to my senses, gropes for the clock and shuts its off. There was this one time when i was so close to accomplishing my task. I woke up every 2 hours to check if its 5am and then dozed off when it actually was. I need to invent something that wakes me up in the morning, something like a clock that sprays cold water on face instead of ringing (I wonder not even if I wipe the water off my face and resume my sleep!)

Its been a routine for me to get up at 6 in the morning and do the brushing-bathing-dressing-eating in one hour and catch the bus at 7. Now to wind the clock needle back one hour than the usual time might take a little long to take effect. I wonder how longer would that 'long' be??


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy, Thankyou very much for including a link to my blog in your post.
If I can make it a habit the why u man, Just the matter of time and you are going to rock..........

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Lol. Thanks dude. I really hope. Buhahaha!!!