Tuesday, 5 April 2011

World Cup 2011- Tigers defeat the Lions.

Words are just not enough to extol India's triumph over Sri Lanka. The match was a rollercoster ride for all cricket fans with their expectancy dancing up and down the scale. I thought that the probability of the Indians winning the match was unthinkably less when the Sri Lankans sweeped the ball off the ground in the last five overs. My hope totally evaporated in the air when Mallinga got rid of both Sewagh and Sachin not very long after the match started. 275 was not an easy score to chase but the Men In Blue played extraordinarily well and made history. It is after 28 years that Indians are lifting up the World Cup and was a proud moment for every Indian. If it wasn't for Ghambir, Kholi, Yuvraj and Dhoni's cautious play, Indians would've missed the chance of lifting the world cup and would've left all cricket fans look on the black side forever. Malinga's boisterous enjoyment when he sent Sewagh and Sachin back to pavilion vanished when Dhoni was to hit 4 runs from 11 balls. Dhoni finished the match with his magic shot- the helicopter shot.

There were moments in between the match when me and my friends were in total despair of winning and the seething anger resulted in switching off the television and went out for a walk to ease off the situation. One of my friends went nuts that he asked us to sit just the way we were sitting when Gambir hit fours so that he will hit fours again. He started swearing and went bonkers when we disobeyed him or disregard his superstitious believes. The plummeting Indian performance made him stroll to a temple in the vicinity and made an intense prayer for like 15 minutes. It was fun to watch his antics.

Overall, the match was as best as it can be with ecstasy and expectations equally mixed up giving out the best result. The whole team, especially Sachin, deserves the cup.

Ever wondered about getting rich (or more richer) in just one night? It happened with the Indian team with all money flowing in and swanky gifts from various sources. Of course, they deserve it all.

One thing that bothers me is the fake cup controversy. When they can award numerous prizes for the team, why isn't it possible for them to give 25 lakh at the clearance and get the original cup? That was a little too unwise. And about "Poonam Pandey daring to strip naked in the Indian team dressing room" matter, all i want to ask her is "Lady, are you nuts?" She must be the whore of the whores to have announced such a disgusting thing (Uhh.. disgusting is a strong word. Hmm.. May be it can be replaced with 'not that good'? LOL!) My personal opinion is that, she can strip naked and get some money for the act without having to announce it publicly (the video will be on the net within hours and the dent in her reputation is all the same!) She must've thought that the stripping-naked-in-the-Indian-team-dressing-room thing would be cool, but she should've thought about how the people in India will take it. I would definitely like to know what Shiv Sena want to say about it? Can we expect a video of her beaten up real bad?

Anyways, My hearty wishes to the Indian team who fought the war well to get what they deserve. Special thanks to Indian team coach Gary Kirsten. The celebration all over India was amazingly wonderful with people bursting crackers with full zeal, people proudly waving the Indian flag and the patriotism factor on the eve of April 2nd was a little too stronger and was good to feel. It was an amazing show after all. Whatsoever, Now that the IPL starts from 8th, all eyes turn to that!

PS: Do not confuse the "Tigers" with the Bangladeshis as they are commonly referred as in cricket. A sensible person can understand whom am I referring as Tigers here in my blog as I'm talking about a match between India and Sri Lanka. I chose to refer Indians as "Tigers" because its our National Animal for God's sake! Duh! (I wrote this postscript because one of my brainy colleague saw the title while i was writing this post and asked if I was writing about a match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Grr.!!)

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