Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dezzzember 2010......!!!

Chennai's weather is stunning, cosying all Chennaites for the past four months. Due to my extra abdominal flab, i made sure i do the daily morning exercises. Now because of the comfy weather condition, it procrastinates. Six hours of sleep isn't sufficient enough for this weather that my body demands for more. Having my office two hours from home, travelling eats up four hours of glorious time every day. The morning fresh air and the cool breeze puts me to sleep in the bus but the traffic commotion, tailback vehicles honking and the smothering dust wakes me up at OMR. Though its not much sticky in the afternoons, the following summer heat can already be felt. I guess there is not many days left for the sweltering heat to come but we'd really miss the cool weather as this December, was not like any other December!

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