Thursday, 17 February 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

Since now the Cricket World Cup fever is on, people go bonkers to do anything for a ticket. The ticket price is exponentially increasing as the D-day is getting closer. Tickets are now between 2000-3000 bucks and goes as high as up to 5000 bucks. I wonder why people have to spend so much to watch it live in the stadium cramped with thousands of people.

Despite the hassle while watching it live in the stadium, people seem to enjoy the match so much so that even if the world disintegrates, they give a damn about it!! For me, watching cricket at home is more comfy and enjoyable than watching it live in stadium. Who would say no if everything is shown live on TV in every possible angle and in case if you had missed the last ball would have a replay shown? There are people who wouldn't say no and I'm one among them. I would rather choose the ease and comfort of watching it from home (with friends, of course!) with relishing homemade goodies.

There is nothing that is allowed inside the stadium except just you. No cameras, no cellphones with cameras (like they have 200mm optical zoom!! Gosh!!) no snack items and not more than one water bottle! And they claim the restrictions is for "security reason!!!" Who would want to kill a cricketer with potato chips or with a water bottle? And even if someone did kill, how can he take a picture of it to put it up on Facebook when cameras are prohibited!??

Looking forward to the 2011 Cricket World Cup (just two days!!) and wish everyone who are watching it live in the stadium to return home safely without having your picture flash on the news under "stampede causalities." Be safe and have fun. And for my watching-it-on-TV nanbargal, make sure you've paid your cable bills. ;-)

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