Thursday, 10 February 2011

A new sitcom on the list..

After watching Friends, Scrubs, a more regional sitcom is next on list. I came across a Malayalam sitcom called "Akkara Kazchakal" through my friend who shared an episode on Facebook. Though the show started long back in 2008, I came across it very recently now. The episode was funny and i was agog to watch all episodes. It has 50 episodes, everything very well directed. Though the actors are not professionally good enough to be appreciated, they are much better in how they are as themselves. After the show gained much popularity and got more viewership count, the team has decided to release a movie based on it. The group does a lot of stage shows and hence their TV show is on hiatus. The best thing about the show is that very episode is wrapped up good and would have a message in it. Every character is unique and have an ingenious funny nature. Having watched all its episodes, I'm now waiting for the next season and the most awaited Akkara Kazchakal movie. Meanwhile, I've downloaded South Park and will start watching it from today......

PS: Suggest some good Malayalam sitcoms if you know of any!

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