Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Coldly hot!

Its not been many days after writing a post on the awesomeness of Chennai climate, I've got something to rant under the same heading. Yes, Chennai's climate is steadily becoming more unpredictable. The temperature vacillates between the two extreme of the meter scale and baffles Chennai people. When i had to wipe off my sweat in the morning, not too long after it turns out to be a clement weather. The sun in the morning was burning my skin, while in the afternoon, when its supposed to smoulder, it rains! I wonder if its a preliminary indication of global warming. I came to know that it was raining outside when everyone in bay ran out to see it (No one actually couldn't believe!) That's when i ran along with them. I pray God almighty to make the world exist for a couple of more years as this is the time that a youngster like me goes to another level in life!! LOL!

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