Monday, 14 February 2011

Yuvan Shankar Raja's concert on Vijay TV!!!

While watching Yuvan's concert programme on Vijay TV two days back, my first thought was to rant about this on my blog! I wonder why his concert fiasco had to be shown on TV! Vijay TV is predominantly renowned for its TV shows jamboree, and for this "Yuvan concert," its needless to say!

The concert wasn't like a concert after all, rather it was more like a drama. That was pretty obvious when Yuvan droned about why actor/superstar/singer/director etc Simbu couldn't show up for the concert even after he invited him. Then all of a sudden Simbu shows up with hundreds of security guards flocked around him (Like someones gonna shoot him! Well, there are chances, cuz of his extreme acting!!!) and eventually after all the dramatics, he came to center of the stage on a moveable dais on the traverse stage (something like a conveyor belt). He was waving his hands (like a superstar! Oh gross! You know him!!) as this piece of stage moved to the center. He got down and started explaining why he wasn't able to come (the reason was that he had cold! God, Kill me!!!) and explained how he managed to show up planning it all in the last minute! Wow. Wonderful! For me he seemed like he was in the pink of health and seemed like he was planning this for days. Yuvan is good with music but worst in acting! He couldn't give that "surprised" expression on his face. It was more like a drama. Both Simbu and Yuvan isn't all good in singing when it comes to a live show. Now I admire the work of all the latest technologies in his songs, like auto tune and stuffs. Kudos!

Apart from all these dramatics, singers did their part real good. I loved Shankar Mahadevan's "Merke Merke" song performance. The aalap he sang at the end of the song was out of words to appreciate. Whenever a singer takes the stage, a fake cheering was played at the background (The fake cheering was pretty obvious! Hail Vijay TV!!!)

I wonder why Yuvan chose to sing "Where is the party" at the end. All the singers got on stage and sang "Where is the party" with Yuvan in the middle. Everyone was running around the stage, jumping off the stage, running towards the audience, lightmen, etc. For a moment, i was like "what the fuck is happening?" I called my friend Ram Vittal to know what the hell is really happening but even he was equally confused. Being his show, Yuvan wasn't lionized and seemed like he was mobbed. Then luckily they realised it was Yuvan's concert and he was lifted up by everyone. My friend on the other side of the phone was like "Shit macha.. Semma sothappals."

I never felt like watching a concert but it was more like watching Super Singer finals. As I've been to two of my thala Rahman's concerts, this one felt nothing (Obviously! Rahman is Rahman!!!!). People were orderly sitting and waving some posters unlike a real concert. I think the events were not properly planned and organized.

Yuvan, having been taken a step to prove himself, has to be appreciated. I wish he doesn't screw up (this bad) next time. All the best Yuvan!!!

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