Friday, 4 January 2008

'Unbreakable' broke my expectations..!

Backstreet boys' new album 'Unbreakable' is not that good as their previous ones. I downloaded the album on the day of release and found nothing so different, but the same as some normal pop albums, except few songs. I did really expected a lot from this album as there was a talk that this album will come out with a lot more difference (though Kevin is not there in this album). But unfortunately i was so disappointed. Let me come up with something about this band. The band was formed through a series of auditions in the year '93. The group comprises of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Alexander James McLean, Brain Littrell, Kevin Richardson. After the finalization of the band, they decided to release their debut music video "Stay in my life" and some more promotional songs. When the band was first formed, Nick was 12 yrs old, being the youngest member of the band, Howie was 19, A.J was 14, Brain was 18 and Kevin 21, the eldest member of the band.

Audition video, 1993.

Then comes their second album 'Backstreet's Back' which sold 28 million copies worldwide. In 1998, Brain underwent an open heart surgery as he was suffering with the pain since his childhood. In '99, they released their third international album 'Millenium' which sold 1.13 million in its first week of release (I was one in the million to buy it the very second day). It was a huge hit and one of the song was made in remembrance of brain's heart surgery, "Show me the meaning of being lonely". The boys also received the Juno award for the Best Selling Album. Before the release of their next album, the creator of the band went in favour of 'N-sync', which made the boys recruit a new manager for their band. In 2000, they released 'Black and Blue' which also showed equal response from the fans. After this, Nick decided to make a solo album and so he did, 'Now or Never'. After a long hiatus, they released their fifth album "Nevergone" which features 'Incomplete', the song that mourns the loss of Kevin's father. In 2006, Brain
set forth with his new solo album 'Welcome home'. The same year, Kevin left out of the band for some reasons that he refused to share. In 2007, they released "Unbreakable" and the critics gave a positive result of the album. They also defined the album 'the best so far'. But i did'nt like it or maybe i did'nt feel its inner tune. Whatever, BSB always stands out of the rest as they are the best.

List of Awards they received:

This is something i know about the band and i also took some info from Wiki. If you guys find time, listen to the album. We have technologies developed beyond expectations so it only takes few minutes to download the whole album. Listen to it and leave your comments.


Guru said...

Nice post, you took me with you through the history of BSB.

But then i have this strong dislike for BSB, and it has nothing to do with their music being so gay, i could even live with that. But, something about the band makes me hate them so much ..

Nevertheless, nice post bud ..

*Sajith* said...

being so gay..? wat that means..? They were at the top of billboard charts durin the 2000- 2001.. the best boy band ever.. what makes you think that they are gay.? not to a true BSB fan..