Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My Everyday In Train..!

I am one of the usual commuters who travel to and from college.. The two hours travel in train everyday, shows me different kinds of people, different kinds of atmosphere.. When i stand in the very big queue early morning for the ticket, i can see people running to catch the train, barging into the line standing for the ticket.. The commotion at the ticket counter, pushing and hauling people who gets into the queue just like that in between adds color to the picture.. That looks funny.. Some stand exhausted, some stand happy, some in pensive mood.. . There is chaos when they hear the loud roar of the train, with a feeling that they may miss the train for which they were standing for about 15 minutes, they start running to catch it, without even buying a ticket..

I always get into compartment where there is enough place to sit.. I find a place near the window and start listening to songs on my PMP.. This is when i get to see people of many kinds.. Some board even when there is enough place to sit, some read newspapers and very few people start talking to the stranger in the opposite seat.. Most of the time people do not even care to look or talk to the one who sits next to them, unless or until they know them.. They have their own thought running.. But very rarely someone will break the silence with something like "The TN politics is bad.!".. and some oppose it saying "No, you're wrong".. There starts the debate.. They start talking about politics or some random subject, people around them tune into this discussion it is their way of killing time.

The two things that comes to our mind when it comes to train.. Mendicants and Hucksters.! I donate money for a cause and only when i trust the cause.. Most of the mendicants have baby in their hand just to create sympathy.. But sometimes, you can feel the real pain within a person when he asks you for money.. I give them.. And about the hawkers and greengrocers, electric train is the only place where they can sell most of their goods.. Its always like this: when someone sitting next to you buys something to eat, you definitely buy that too.. Let it be cookies, samosas, fruits or whatever.. Workers buys something and share it decently among them.. But if a student buys something, the other guys in the group start this little fight to have a piece of whatever is bought.

The fun starts when students get together.. Their talk definitely cause a chuckle.. Some talks about studies (as far as i have seen, its very rare.!) and some talk about their day in class.. I always prefer to be silent and observe all the stuff happening around.. When it comes to a students' gang, there's always a hero, a comedian and a silent chap.. This makes it more interesting and you can easily differentiate them at once.. There grows an extra hormone to every heroes when they get to see a girl.. Ogling and loitering, when others in his gang applause his every moves.. Sometimes when a single guy in a gang needs to get down, they all hold him till the train starts moving. Its fun but dangerous..

Sometimes the train is crowded.. I have to barge into the huddled crowd and find a place to stand.. YYou find a lot of people squatting on the floor.. There would be no place and you cannot even ask them to stand.. This is one stupid thing i experience sometimes.. I sometimes ask them to stand but they refuse with a pretext that they've grown old and could'nt stand.. That's stupid.. Then what about the rest who is standing.? They're like "I dont give a damn.!"..

Some people in the train plays music for alms.. I would say, they are so talented that they create music with just a rectangular piece of plastic .. I dont know how on earth they create that sound but plays it that good with their dexterous fingers.. They also will have good voice.. Both the voice and the music they create seems so good to hear.. And also blind people sells stationery items like books etc.. They have this strong hope towards life.. Sometimes you start doubting whether they are really blind, cuz they walk that perfectly in the pathway.. If they are that thorough with their steps, just imagine their aeon in train.. Sometimes i feel this kind of people must be served good by the government by giving them free stationery kiosk, at least..

My everyday in train will be interesting.. I believe i see things different.. Being animist, i respect nature.. Everyday i see different things happening in train that can only be experienced.. Take a ride in train and you'll know it.. Some may find traveling in train is sick.. But for me its good and i love it.. Of course everyone have their own views.. and this is mine.. I love my everyday in train..


VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...
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VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Now iam a train ee too..I should admit, that train travel is way more comfortable than the bus travel.Train travel simply rocks.

Nice write up dude

Guru said...

Good rant .. Way to go .


Paru said...

great experiences!!

// me feeling like being in train!!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@all: thanx..!