Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I always have this question that i often ask within me.. "Does GOD exits..?".. Being an theist, i do believe in GOD but it is a known fact that there is no proof.. Scientist can prove the existence of GOD and also can prove that GOD does not exist.. I always have this doubt within me.. If Adam and Eve were the first on earth, how did their generation grew.? Okay.. If Adam and Eve had two sons, there is no possibility for generation growth, neither any possibility if both were daughters.. There is only chance that one must be son and the other to be daughter (If they had just two children.!).. So, the only way for the generation to grow is when their son and daughter fornicate.. On one side, i think this kind of thoughts is stupid.. But did i get any answer for my question yet..? So imagine the scornful relationship between the two.. or they must not have the sense to think what is right and what is wrong.. or they must be lecherous.. So what is the point.? If Adam and Eve once survived, the way that we are brought to earth is by a abhorrent relationship.. The humans genesis.. If not, how are we brought to earth..? who was the first man on earth.? Who brought us to earth..? When we end up with these questions, the only answer that people have is that there exist a super power and that is GOD..

Christianity and Islam have a lot in common, its just that the names differ.. If we wade through the history of the two, both look similar except for the names and caliphs.. Islam has a messenger who is Prophet Mohammed.. Christians also has a messenger and it is Jesus.. Jesus is the messenger that GOD had sent.. Muslims do not treat Mohammed as GOD, but Christians treat Jesus as their GOD.. Its only because it is believed that Jesus is the only son of GOD.. what does that mean..? So there is some supernatural power that exist above Jesus, that we call GOD.. Then why people treat Jesus as GOD.? Is that because he came out again by resurrection..? I am not trying hurt anyone's feelings here.. Its just my uncertainty..

I had so many stupid question often rising when i go to mosque, but still i believe in GOD.. What makes me have faith in it.? I dont have an answer.. But everytime i go to the mosque, i sometimes suddenly have this feeling "Why should i pray.?" "And for whom.?" And then i turn "Oh, i should'nt think like that, that might bring bad luck..!" Christians and Muslims have one GOD, but think about the Hindu GODS.. They have more than one hundered GODS.. so does that prove there are many GODS.? Or different people see one GOD as many..? For instance, think all these are stories.. stories that someone told just to make people believe it.. No heaven.. No Hell.. No angels.. Nothing.. With a scientific view, we get answers for lot of questions we ask.. They prove Hell and Heaven does'nt exist.. But where do we go after our death.? We die just like that and let the earth eat us.? If that is true, how does apparitions exist.? I heard my elders saying that our soul wanders if its not a normal death.. Does ghost exist..? There are many questions that i dont have an answer for and so do many people.. I wrote this post just to discuss my thoughts and questions that i often ask to myself.. I beleive i did'nt bore anyone.. Do comment your thoughts..


ganesh said...

God is the extreme power beyond our imagination.
The only real knowledge u have to gain is that to realize your self.
" who u are ? why am here?" This is what saints like ramana
mahirishi , vivekananda etc did. God doesn't exist somewhere.
He is within every individual . So , self-realization will give u
all the answers. But this is not easy . It requires 100% concentration
to god and only god and nothing else(Dhyana).

Once, vivekananda (he was a smoker and a bad boy when he was
young) asked in front of "Ramakrishna paramahamsa"
"Where is God? Can u show him?" . Ramakrishna just touched
Vivekananda's head and said " Can u realize god" .He replied " yes".
This is " sparisha diksha " ( realization of god by touch). It is like a
gift. The answer to existence of diversified religions are to frame
certain guidelines for the individual. Many paths leading to a
single path - GOD.

*Sajith* said...

you say GOD is within every individual and you also say that dhyana is the best way to realize GOD..! In this hectic world, do you think one would waste time in dhyanas just to realize the GOD within him..?

You also said that religions frame guidelines to lead ourself to GOD.. but i think, to lead GOD, you'll have to kill yourself.. Cuz terrorist, rapist, mercenaries, all may be a hindu or muslim or christian..

In the first para, you said GOD is in every individual and in the second you say religions guides us to reach GOD.. so do you say "you be good, and you are GOD" or "Follow the religion, you'll become a saint, so that find GOD.?"