Friday, 18 January 2008

Soap Operas Suck big time..!

Soap operas is being the major cause for unnecessary troubles at homes.. This had happened even in my home.. Father comes from office and he is not treated or given any attention, reason.? everybody at home is immersed in tv watching soap operas.. Its so annoying when you are not treated the way you are supposed to and your blood pressure increases when you come to know that the reason behind is stupid tv serials.. You toil away from the office, spending nearly 7 to 8 hours everyday, wriggle through the heavy traffic, and you dont get a coffee from your spouse when you reach home.. reason.? soap operas.. Its obvious that there are two different kinds of people.. One who say 'tv serials suck', the other, who say 'tv serials rock'.. Im just trying to rant out standing from both the sides..

From brats outlook :

They also are sticked to tv, but not watching tv serials, rather, pogo or other cartoon channels.. You dont find them watching soap operas when everyone in the house watches it.. They rather go out to play or do something else.. This is because thay are not mentally developed to actually understand what the characters in a tv serial come out with.. neither have the patience to wacth it..

From students outlook:

"Physics, Maths, Electronics, Biology, are like tablets to throb migraine.. where do we find time to watch soap operas .?" This will be the common sentence that we could probably hear from youngsters.. And also boys dont usually watch tv serials cuz they dont like to waste hours in watching characters (in a tv serial) crying for no reason.. But Girls do.. I dont mean girls are that stupid, its cuz they just spend time watching it, sitting down with their mother, lamenting.. They just watch to kill time.. Of some polls i have seen, its women who raise their hands when asked "Who will sit in front of the tv watching soap operas most of the time.?" Students mostly dont find time watching tv.. and even if they find time, they dont waste it watching tv serials..

From Office-goers outlook :

"TV serials is our best pass time.!".. They come from office, need some pass time, so they choose tv serials.. why not other programs..? There starts the brawl if he is not going along with her.. I have seen some houses where the tv serials keeps running and no one cares to watch it.. But they want it running.. They work all day at office and they find soap operas their only pass time, esp. for women.. I guess womens gets glued to tv serials cuz they like watching men cry..

From septuagenarian outlook :

Obviously for elder people, tv serials is being the best way to kill time.. Even then, now-a-days geezers go in keeping themselves updated.. They watch NEWS, read papers, magazines et all.. But grannies stick in front of tv watching serials and hear world news through their husbands.. But practically, its so so obvious that elders watch tv serials most of the time.. You do not know how they discover the release of new serials.. But being so aged, tv serials caters for all their tastes..

Soap operas always stands tall when it comes to commercial.. I also have found that the background score used in tv serials is copied from mid 90's flicks.. You can easily find these dulcet tones cuz what they copy will be a master-class one.. Of all the polls and studies and researches, it all ends up with cognitional result: women watch more tv than men.. I actually thought of writing about the tv serial i hate the most (not only me, even my friends do) Kana Kaanum Kaalangal.. They call themselves school students and appear like men.. They dont seem to look like a school-going chap rather looks like grown men completely shaved all their beard and tries to appear like school kids.. And about the language they use, its so senseless.. I started watching it cuz one of the actor in it is my classmate (Joe aka balaji).. It was good till i started finding out the slang they use.. Its so disgusting.. For a kid who watches it, it makes him talk the same in school with his friends.. That is so stupid.. Not only this, there are so so many more to list out where you find no story but lamenting.. It'd be better if this is changed, dwindling soap operas and prompting programs like quiz and stuffs (guess it takes decades for that.!)..

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