Saturday, 22 December 2007

My morning so white..!

Today, the 23rd of december, i saw something which i've never seen.. I got up early morning to learn car-driving.. As i went out to the road, i was gobsmacked.. I barely could see anything.. i saw torrent mist all over.. It was so beautiful.. I was'nt able to see anything.. the mist was so thick and cold.. I saw the beautiful trees, that was half clouded by the mist, smiling at me as they were fresh and green.. The climate welcomes me with its cloudy appearance with soft music of the breeze.. I drove for few kilometers and stopped in a coffee kiosk to have some coffee.. My words came out of my mouth and turn to smoke in the cold morning air.. It was awesome.. It was like Bangalore and ooty.. I rode for a while slowly and with an aesthetic view.. Each and every tree i crossed, said something to me that made me slow down my speed.. That was too good to see.. If this is going to continue, then i have to start my slumber party.. Lolz.. I tried to take some pictures in my mobile.. Please bear the quality..

This is the I.C.F road..


I.C.F again..

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Guru said...

Macha .. Great pics .. So what time were they taken ?? Check my blog for my trip log, and also check the fog pics ... Also you need to taek a look at my Orkut album ..