Friday, 17 October 2008

Aegan- 2/5 stars..!

This is my review of Aegan songs.. I am dissappointed with the tracks and its not all that good.. May be it sounds good on screen..! Click on the song to download it..!

Hey Baby- This song is so jazz-y, with a heavy mixture of piano, trumpet and sax.. It made me feel like this- Maybe yuvan would've made this song half done already, and when the director approached him, he'd have finished the rest of the piece, just to make it a '4 mins track'..! Jazz rules more than the song itself and shankar mahadevan seems to sing in a passive pace throuhgout the song..! Initially, when i first listened to the track, the song sounded more like the jillunu oru kadal title song..! My rating- 5/10

Hey Saala 1 & Hey Saala 2- This begins with an emotional recital and catches up with the "yuvan's" synthesised beats.. There are two tracks with the same name- Hey Saala.. The only difference is the level of usage of synth.. Blaze, as usually, blends his voice with the song in his stylish tamil pronounciation.. Naresh Iyer and Mohd. Aslam comes in when the songs shifts to a bit more heavy synthesised beats.. Although this seems a little heavy to the ears, it makes us wanna move to the beat.. My rating- 6/10

Kichu Kichu- It begins with Vasundara Das's thin, sharp voice.. With an Arabian touch, the song goes on with vasundara das maintaing her half-suppressed seducing voice.. Yuvan comes in with "mallika, i wanna bite u like nellika" rap.. (sucks!).. My rating- 4/10

Odum Varayil- The cheering of crowd at the begining sounds like it has recorded from some cricket stadium (At first, while listening to it for the first few seconds, I thought it was kinda 'cheer the player' song.. (My guess was wrong).. And then the chorus mixes with the beats, yelling 'FREEDOM'.! Kay Kay and Bela Shende has given voice for this song.. The songs shifts to pleasant-sounding chords, and that is where Bela Shende comes in.. Yuvan would've played with chords to change scales up and down and then comes back again to where he was.. My rating- 5/10

Yahoo Yahoo- This happens to be the teen-y song of the album were the lyrics are all about college and teens.. Suvi, Ujjaini, Sathyan, Ranjith and Naveen have given voices to this song.. Yuvan would've thought the word 'Yahoo' might turn into a trendy word among youngsters, like he defined his song 'Dost Bada Dost' from saroja as the 'anthem for the youth' (what the hell?).. My rating- 5/10

When i saw the posters with Ajith having long beard, skull cap and a gun, i thought the album would definitly strech beyond people's expectations.. But i was dissapointed when i heard the tracks.. My total rating- 5/10 for the album.. Waiting for the movie..


arul said...

the worst comment first see the film nicely u freak

*Sajith* said...

Arul, This is not the movie review.. This is music review.. You can check for the movie review i wrote lately.. Dont comment just by reading the title.. Please read the post and write your comments..