Thursday, 2 October 2008

My Composition..!

My new comp "Trance".. This has got a very sophisticated techno touch.. Listen to it fully cuz it slows down in the middle and kick starts again ;).. [Software Used: FL 8]

Click here to download..

Hope you like it.. Please do leave your comments..



TT HARISH said...


Ur trance is good..well if u can take my suggestion.... at one point of time u are reducing ur tempo rite and then picking up.. thats not correctly matchin.. can u take tat and work again...

*Sajith* said...

ya.. will do harish.. thanks for ur suggestion..

VIKAS RAO said...

hi sajith, vikas here.
here all over the country, operators hav blocked the downloads from blogs.
i wud b really pleased to hear your composition if u forward them to my mail -
I wil surely write comments on them after listening to them.
I m also working on some softwares here and coming with some new tunes during free time.
Wil share with u soon.
Take care.