Monday, 27 October 2008

The one mistake of my life.!

Cha..! I'll never do this ever in my life again.. I should've listened to my friends.. They told me a hundered times not to.. But i did.. How could i.? Im totaly depressed.. Im mad now.. I wanna hit my head on the wall for doing that.. I've tried to tie a noose around my neck to kill myself and then realized not to.. Cuz i have social responsibilities.. I have to save a lot more others before they do that, and kill themselves.. I wasn't so low in life, nor tired of my life.. Yet i did what my friends had told not to.. Yes..! Unfortunately.. yes.. Unfortunately i watched 'Sakkarakatti' today.. My God.! If there has to be a sick movie ever made, the title should be given to this.. It was totaly crap.! Today was Deewali.. I could've spent that 2hrs in something useful.. My face had no reaction from the beginning till the end of the movie.. No reaction.! Rather wincing..!

Peter english, over-acting hero, stupid heorin who tries hard to talk in tamil (I guess everyone in that college knows only Englees.. Maybe for this movie they tried to talk in Tamil, which they found so difficult to speak.. Or maybe..!? SHIT), Sudden unrelated burst of songs in between, Stupid jokes and after all- Mokka story..!

I saw this movie just for the music.. I wonder why A.R.Rahman chose this film.. The director atleast could've concentrated on the songs.. He, for sure, would know the songs are gonna be hit.. He could've picturized it a little more better.. Even 'little more' is no close.. He should've completely changed his ideas and had done something realted to what the lyrics has to tell.. Anyway.. Please dont watch this movie.. If you feel you are so low in life, if you think you're no more fit to survive, if you wanna commit suicide, then go watch the movie..!

Dhanyavad..! /*Thud*\


allen said...

yes u r absolutely right man.. hahaha... ok ok dont feel guilty for ya mistake., cool down..

S.Sajith Mohideen said...