Sunday, 26 October 2008

Aegan- 3.5/5 stars..!

Saw Aegan today.. Ajith has acted so well and is one of the good movies that has been released for Deewali.. Eventhough the story is a stolen one, the direction and the screenplay is as one could appreciate.. Moreover, the delivery of dialogues was really nice.. Ajith has managed to balance between the roles where he has to act as a comedian, and a hero.. The one thing i really thought when i saw the 'Mallika' song on SS music was- HE IS FAT.! Ajith's paunch is pushing out to be visible.. And the one thing i really liked when saw the movie was he agreed that he has a paunch in the movie itself.. There was a scene where his father (Naazer) asks him (Ajith, CBI) to act as a student in a college so as to find a bad guy.. Ajith strongly averse to it cuz he looks more aged than a college-going and he says he also has a big belly.. That one was cool.. The whole movie is a melange of 'comedy' and 'serious' scenes.. Even the villian is shown as a comedian at times.. Nice movie.. Can be watched once.. Or maybe twice.. ;)

I saw this movie the day before Deewali and its suprising for me to see that only very less number of people were bursting crackers.. It was also in the newspaper that lot of people chose not to burst crackers.. I've stopped bursting crackers since when i left school.. Its pretty suprising to see people really considering this pollution problem (or maybe cuz of the cost of the crackers!) and reduce the pollution and problems it causes.. I always used to think that bursting crackers are like burning your own money.. The difference- a 'BOOM'..! I guess this time people got a bit conscious and started to buy something useful instead of crackers.. Some people thought deewali is a festival to booze.. I saw many drunken people, fighting and lying on the road helplessly, on the way to the theatre.. That was sick.!

Afterall, the movie was good.. Worth watching..

Happy Deewali..!


Asha said...

Hie Sajith...Juz want to say that ur profile's great n that its nice!

do u, by any chance have the veenai notes for both the varanam aayiram songs??? hope u do...thx.....can't get it anywhr!!!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Im sorry Asha.. I dont play Veenai.. Neither knew anything about it..!!