Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Stand-up comedies are being my 'always special' heart-warming shows.. I've watched sitcoms, and other farcical comedy shows but none can emulate stand-ups.. As far as I seem, Every stand-up comics have a special talent within.. Comedians like Stephen Lynch, who is also a musician, plays guitar and writes his own songs.. The lines in his lyrics interprets meanings that you never have imagined to come in a song like that.. He starts off the song with a beautiful guitar strum with a beautiful line like "there once was a guy..", and then it slowly drifts to rhymic funny lines.. He, according to me, is so talented that he balances perfectly between his singing, his guitar'ing, his lines and his attitude.. As a guitarist, that kind of an act is a bit difficult for me.. Some of his best which i like:

If I were gay:

The ugly baby song:

Lullaby song:

Love song:

And next comes my always favourite- Russell peters.. He is a canadian comic of Indian descent.. Most of his jokes are on rascism and Indian culture.. I've seen his DVD's and the one which i like the most is 'Comedy Now- Uncensored'.. I've also watched his latest DVD 'Outsourced' and some of other videos which he had performed in NY and Canada.. His audience could not stop laughing their stomach out when he starts talking in Indian accent, the 'typical' Indian accent.. Some of his clips i liked the most:

Indian Accent:

Gay Indians:

Be a man:

Ugly women:

on Jamaicans:

the list goes on..

Next is a person i always adore- Jeff Dunham.. He is an Award-winning ventriloquist.. Peanut, Walter, Achmed, José Jalapeño and Melvin are his puppets.. He's been doing ventriqolism since his school days and is still a star.. One would not see it as a puppet, instead, he makes you see it as a character.. I've seen videos of other ventriloquists but when it comes to pick the best, its Jeff.. I wonder how he writes his scripts.. Ironically, he has named one of his DVDs as 'Arguing with myself', but it never seem so.. He had introduced two new puppets- Bubba J and Sweet Daddy D in his 'Arguing with myself' DVD.. Some of his shows which i like:

Achmed the dead terrorist:



His always favourite puppet- Walter:

For me, these guys seems like a way better than others, or maybe i might not have seen comics better than them.. Watever.. I've also watched comedies of the famous Ellen DeGeneres (you might've seen her shows, cuz shez a bit 'famous'!), Pablo Francisco (this guys make jokes about sex and is very good mimic. He beatboxes, and also delivers his jokes burlesquing, and is very good at that), George Carlin, Lewis Black, Will Smith, Jim Carey and list goes.. So, When u feel like you're down in emotions, just watch some stand-ups and that'l bring you up back ;).. Dhanyawadh.!

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