Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Meherban karaoke..!

This audio clip was created by yours truly.. This is 'Meherban' from the movie 'ada'.. I created it using softwares and it took 6 hours to create this.. What took me so long.? Actually, the instruments you hear in the audio has to be arranged and played accordingly, manually.. This is not a loop, the keyboard you hear in the audio has to be literally played through the software.. Playing in a real keyboard or drums is completely different from playing it through softwares.. And also while playing a instruments, the pressure (to get the grand piano effect) you apply on the keys also has to be determined, for a pukka replica of the song.. And hence it took me so long.. I completed just 50% of the song and will complete the rest soon when i find time.. Comment on it.. Personally i like this song, i liked it the first time i heard it and hence made me create the karaoke.. AR's the best..!

The softwares i used to create this are FL studio, Audacity, Sound forge and sound recorder.. Anyone can create this provided they must know the basics of playing any instrument.. I'l soon upload another track with my voice.. Rite now im working on 'Malare' song by S5.. will post that soon.. Do comment on it and let me know how do u like it..



Guru said...
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Guru said...

Why didn't you put up the clip you sent me ? methinks that was a little better.. Just Karaoke is boring IMO ..

Anyways when you prep the full song make sure you get the voice version..

Good work ..

Anonymous said...

Hi sajith...been searching for a karaoke of this song ever since it released. I create my karaokes using cool edit pro n record them using d same software. however, d vocals werent getting cut for this song n also since d song isnt popular, there werent any karaokes commercially too.

I am not sure if u still access ur blog, but if u r readibg this, could you please please send me the karaoke of meherbaan. I just love this song to no end n im planning a dedication too. thanks. please send it to