Wednesday, 4 June 2008

He said Rahman's Ada is dumb..! I could'nt slap him.!

Today, while i was reading the newspaper (The Hindu), an article caught my eye.. A unknown i-am-more-a-critic junkass wrote the music review of 'Ada' and 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'.. He almost related every single song of the album with some other song which i think, is no way related.. He said 'Hawa sun hawa' song from Ada is similar to 'Udhaya' from the movie Udhaya.. oh.. wait a second.. who are you.? what the fuck is wrong with you.? Have you ever heard the song.? And hey.. i wonder why they publish crap like this in a reputed newspaper.. He related most of the song with songs hell no way related.. who is he.? A music critic.? Oh fuck him man.. After reading it, i thought its worth a crap.. I mean, whos gonna appreciate for his i-found-something article..? huh.? This provoked me write this blog.. And this dumb ass &^$&$ also commented about 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'.. He said that Rahman copied tunes of Devi Sri Prasasd's.. Oh come on man.. Are you out of your mind.? 'Kabhi Kabhi' is similar to 'Appudo Ippudo' from bommiliru it seems.. Does it.? I dont think so..

He, with no sense, commented that Rahman copied Devi Sri Prasad's songs.. It almost had me jumped of my couch and i cant stop laughing.. I have him this- A Big Hard Slap on his ugly little cheeks.. Oh wait.. why am i writing this..? No one's gonna give a darn about his article anyway.. He thinks he found something, which people think- It's just shit.. A literal shit in words.. Me jibs.!

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