Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Alas.! It's back.!

I heard some weird sound that made me jump out of my bed and ruin my sleep.. The alarm from my cell phone that literally jolt me.. I saw the time with a half-closed eyes and it was 3 am.. The alarm was still ringing.. Thought time is running so fast, but who cares a darn, I fumbled under the sheets and went back to sleep, again, pressing the 'snooze' option.. The same monotonous alarm started ringing and this time i felt like throwing the phone off my window.. I almost heaved, but by then thought about the repercussions, that my father would kill me.. Totally exasperated, saw the time in my cell phone, it showed 3:05 am.. @#*..! Got out the bed, brushed my teeth, drank hot coffee to get myself active enough to study.. This is happening to be my everyday routine because of my exams.. Its been a week long since i've slept continuously for 12 hrs like i used to.. It is so worrying me and a thought always runs in my mind in lines, "I should've studied this chapter earlier.!" , everytime i sit with my book.. Winced all the three months and expecting for the last moment preparation to work.. Ridiculous.! As my title goes "alas.! my exams are back.!"

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