Monday, 19 May 2008

Shatter the fetters..!!

I have this strong dislike for orkut being introduced the 'lock-your-album' crap.. The only pass-time we get through orkut is peeking into other's albums when you get to stumble upon a good looking female grinnin' in her display pic.. Actually, this was a pass-time for everyone when orkut got introduced.. And now they slowly started to harden the privacy thing by letting you NOT see other's scrapbook (this sounds to be a rant of a poor guy who tried to examine every profile he finds..!) Actually yes.. If you plot a graph between the usage of orkut during the introduction-period and current-period, you'd probably find the graph high at first and then dropping down drastically.. All because of this lock-your-album crap.. But i also know the reasons for why they made their security stronger.. After being heard of this killer-through-orkut rumors, there was a talk that orkut's gonna get shut down.. But it rather got up with a different and stronger approach of introducing the advanced security systems (which i believe could'nt be hacked).

They also have introduced google products in orkut, like videos, google talk, blogs, feeds and lot more.. This actually made the room even more bigger to stay in orkut for a long time than expected.. It has the equal level of disadvantage too- Pornography (that was like a 50 yr old says.. but actually its cool, not for me! ;).)..Orkuteers create fake profiles and upload it with hundreds of porn videos and pictures (they wont lock their profiles).. Are they actually trying out some service for the porn-cravers here..? Why does'nt orkut have a check on all this..? Not recently i studied the misconception my father has on orkut.. He believes its a place where someone easily prone to get spoiled.. Actually yes, but depends on how one uses it.. I had my father saw me sitting in front of my computer screen which displayed Orkut home page and he shot me this : "how long since you've been into this.? ".. Been into what.? Sounded skeptical.. From that time on, i wont let him see me using orkut.. funny huh..?

I started off with my rant to shatter the album-locks and then ended up with something else.. I think (like everyone else) that it'd be great if the lock is shattered.. Ahem.. Amen..!

PS: And rite now, having been finished with the Da Vinci Code, i cannot understand its epilogue.. Did Langdon get the Holy Grail..? It'd be helpful if someone help me out with that.. waitin'..

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Venkat said...

I'm displeased with it... Can't see the pics of unknown figures on Orkut? WTF?