Monday, 12 May 2008

Original or Parody..??

Ilayaraja's one of the best composition is 'Agaya vennilave..' from the movie Arangetra Velai.. When i listened to this song for the first time, i myself pictured the song with beautiful love scenes.. I never had seen the song before until when i got to hear my friends' comments about the video when i hum this song in class.. Can a choreo get any worse.? watch this..

Revathi actually tries something close to Barathanatiyam (or something else) but i dont think it is a Barathanatiyam.. And about prabhu.. just one word- Sick.! He does this 'Break-dance' thing.. crap.! this is not a song where one break-dances listening to.. There's an awesome violin bit with strings bgm, something like a music for a soul who just broke up with his lover (i actually pictured so.. ).. It starts at around 00:57 in the video and choreo was even worse, not even close to give out anything relating to the music.. But was a different picture- It was hilarious to watch them dancing around a tree (which has pink leaves) where prabhu tries this 'romantic' thing (but fails) and revathi stupidly gives him a rose.. Brr..!

Upshot-> Awesome song, sick dancing..!

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