Monday, 16 January 2012

"Morning cold"- in Chennai as well !!

I got up in the morning and for a second I thought if i were in Bangalore. I was telling my friends in Banglore that I was gonna visit them. And when I woke up, the morning temperature took me aback that for a second it made me think that my friends have abducted me to Banglore until I took my thinking cap off. When I was traveling in my office bus, for a moment, the trembling code served a reason for popping another question up my head- that if I were sick. Thank God I'm not. Cuz everyone was sunk into their seats to warm themselves up. Feels really good to come up against a temperature like this once in a blue moon as Chennai is meant for scorching your skin. I request all Americans to visit Chennai for sunburns, cuz it could really burn your ass off.

I thank God for a wonderful morning but I'm not sure how my task of the day would change it to as I'm working in an IT company- you never know how worse things have turned out until you realise it, cuz when you realise it, its always worse!

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