Sunday, 10 June 2012

Yenna Solla Yethu Solla [Manam Kothi Paravai]

This is my next track "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" from the movie 'Manam Kothi Paravai.' Who wouldn't admire Vijay Prakash's amazing style of singing? I just wanted to try out the song and i did.

When most of my friends worry about not going out on a trip very often, I fall under the (un)fortunate  group who go on a short journey everyday! Nah. Im talking about my office here. I will have to travel a 2 hrs short journey to, and 2hrs from, my office everyday. So tiring, yeah!

I've not made much friends in the bus cuz most of them would prefer 'having a wobbly sleeping' over 'talking and getting to know each other'. But there is one unfortunate friend of mine who happens to be my college junior, who accompany me and we would talk about stuff that would never let us feel the rush of time. I stumble upon this "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" song when she played it on her phone,  and then kept playing that song in repeat mode till the song completely got into me. Vijay Prakash's amazing style of singing made me wanna try the song out. And hence done. :-) Thanks to her for playing that song to me (though I could've stumbled up on the song on the radio later, this post wouldn't have come now! :P)

This song's got D.Imman's signature all over it. The song kinda brings up "Mayna Myna Nenjukkule" song from the movie 'Myna' when listening to "Yenna Solla Yethu Solla" song. May be because of the beat. An amazing song anyways.

Hope you like the track. Please don't forget to give your comments and valuable feedback. ;-)

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Siva Kumar said...

Hi,can you upload telugu KARAOKE from VAANA movie,YEDUTA NILINCHINDI CHUDU song,please...