Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pickle Boyz- Sila Ponnunga Podra Scene'u Thaangala (Hasinithanam)

This is our next song called "Sila Ponnunga Podra Scene'u Thaangala (Hasinithanam)." This song bloomed out of one topic that my friend Harish and me JUST HATE- "Hasinithanam". Its the name we christened for girls who act a little too much/pamper themselves that's pushed a little too far. Simply, their histrionics.

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The character "Hasini" in the movie Santhosh Subramaniam is one of the best examples of the type of girls that the song is targeted at. And hence the name "Hasinithanam." Being a software professional, there are hundreds and hundreds of Hasini-s we notice everyday (we sustain everyday!) to make a song about. It was during one of our coffee breaks that we've decided to dedicate a beautiful song to all the Hasini-s around the world. Soon after, Harish started penning the lyrics and I started composing the track and that's how the song was born.

This song was all set to release back in December 2011. But since due to certain reasons there's been a very long gap. But this long gap helped me understand how girls really feel about the song. This song was played to few of my friends, both boys and girls. Few of them appreciated the effort of coming up with a song dedicated to all Hasini-s around the globe. Few boys were really really excited of the fact that finally a song has come up telling everything about Hasini girls. Few girls could not accept that the song wasn't about all the girls but only the few Hasini girls that everyone come across everyday. And hence we've put up a disclaimer note stating that the song ISN'T about all the girls but the Hasini girls.

There's never really been any hard work in penning the lyrics as its just about the sort of girls we see everyday. I think the lyrics and the music mix so well bringing out what it really intends. HURRAH!! Pickle Boyz have finally made the song. Here it is.

Hope you like it. Please post your valuable comments.

Again! Its not about all the girls in the world but the few over-dramatic/melodramatic girls a.k.a "Hasinithanam."