Monday, 16 January 2012

Thank you Pongal

This Pongal has been the one important reason for everyone to reach home early after office. I plump myself in my office bus for two and half hour journey everyday till i reach home after office. I have three office buses of my route running at different times which gives me a choice to choose the one which my work coerce me to. In bygone days, I used to board the 6:30pm bus which drops me home at 9:00pm. And then when i exert myself for my mundane project, sitting in front of the electronic idiot box, oblivion to what the hell is happening around and then all of a sudden I get to look at my watch and realize its time for me to leave, I started boarding the 7:30pm bus which drops me home by 9:45pm-ish. And then when my project gives me a screwed up issue which i need to get it fixed to avoid abhorrent reprimands on status calls the next day from someone who'll have sunbath in the beaches of US of A to make him not look pale or pigment-ally challenged, I started boarding the 8:30pm bus which drops me home by 10:30pm-ish. No matter what, the traffic on the roads of OMR at any given time will be the same as there are thousands of other I-dont-have-a-clue-on-what-the-hell-is-happening-in-my-project IT schleppers just like me. But today was unconventional and fresh. The roads seems to give a "black carpet" welcome for all IT buses pushing aside the traffic, which got me home unbelievably early. This happened in the morning as well. Reached office very early. But that's just not what we want yeah?

Thank you Pongal. I hope you come once a month on different names.

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