Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tick tock on the clock!

It seems like just a couple of months since i joined Cognizant but the reality surprises me- Its been almost a year and a half. Time seems to fly in the blink of eye that most of the beautiful things in life have the air of being missed. The run of time is descried at some instances in life like when you skim through a marriage album your work didn't allow you to attend, looking at some of it you exclaim "He's grown up so fast! He was just a kid when I last saw him;" "Oh, She is no more? When did she pass away?;" "What? He is married now?" "Who is she? Wasn't he married to another............. so on.

I've been always curious to know the reason why time runs so fast. I rescheduled my calender and gave priority to "analysis of the run of time" over "day dreaming." To understand it better, I'd broken down the analysis into smaller parts- from hours to years. (Disclosure: I'm not so good at math. If the figures are wrong........ Well...... huh.... don't mind. Just read on!!)

24 hours makes a day in which I work for 9 hours. It takes 4 hours for traverse, to and fro. Which is 9+4=13 beautiful hours is eaten up every single day. The rest 11 hours is further eaten up in 7 hours of sleeping. That give out a residue of just 4 hours everyday and that is been used to gear up to another day of oblivion.

7 days makes a week and the above said routine goes on for another 5 days that leaves 2 days in a week- weekends. (Wow! Just getting my tongue around the word "weekend" gives me all smiles.) Now after going through 4 hours-left-over-fun shitty routine, weekend appears longer. But not long enough to enjoy. Saturdays and Sundays appear just to let me know that I'm still alive. It makes me wanna earnestly beseech God to make weekends have 42 hours each. Life seems like a drag when you were asked to slog even on Saturdays!! Weekends run like a flow of water. So fast, so quick!!

One thing which buck me up when broadening the analysis on months is for that one day which will make any employee super happy- salary day!! This reminds me of a forward mail in which a picture, relating to the tale of the tortoise and rabbit, depicts how "money comes in like tortoise and goes out like rabbit." That's true in a way. We patiently wait for the end of the month, for that one day which makes us feel that we are rich (as the above quote describes, it doesn't take too long for the money to fritter away!!)

As this sequence of the above said is unvaryingly followed throughout the year, and summing it all up:

24 hours - 9hours slogging - 4 hours travelling - 7hours snoozing = 4hours/day. [4 of 24hours]
4hours x 5days/week = 20 hours/week excl. weekends. [20 of 120 hours]
20hours x 4weeks/month = 80hours/month excl. weekends. [80 of 480hours]
80hours x 12months/year = 960hours/year excl. weekends. [960 of 5760hours]
That means I get only 40/240 days time to rejoice in a year?? What would you practically do with that?

Everyday we wait for the day to end; everyday we wait for the week to end; every week we wait for the month end, for salary; and every month we wait for the year to end, for a hike/promotion/etc. And then i realised that it was i/me/myself who wanted the time to run fast so that i could rejoice my 40/240 days a year!! I would've mentioned in most of my posts that i will have to balance my work life with my personal life and though it sounds easy, there is a minute barrier which stops me and projects out the barrier like a great wall of China! And its pretty obvious that for someone to write a post like this wouldn't have had the ability to balance his work life with his personal. Well, there is time and I'm gonna start utilising my 40/240 days/year to think of how to get things straight and gonna spend as much time as i can, if possible (is this the barrier??)!! ;-)
The quote i just came across while writing this post. Sounded apt to this so putting it up:

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