Monday, 2 May 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday- The top of all!!!!

For the past two weeks, the top trending topic on the web has been Rebecca Black and her hit single Friday. The track has gone viral over the net and has become an overnight sensation. Its video has 110 million clicks on YouTube and both Black and Ark Music, its record label, had received $20,000 from YouTube's revenue-sharing program. The song was No.39 last week and its jumped to 19 on iTunes chart. It also entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 72 and rose to 58 the following week. The song is considered as one of the Hot 100 songs. So what's so special about this song? The song has gained universal popularity...... negatively!! Yes, the song is considered as the "Worst song ever" on YouTube and received harsh reviews and responses. The offbeat lyrics in the song makes it sound eccentric and exasperated almost everyone who saw/heard the video/song. Even me. The song is 'loved to hate' by people on the net. Numerous parody videos have been uploaded on YouTube that making a parody video of it has become a trend. After the song gained much popularity, ABC TV went to interview Rebecca Black. After the initial congratulatory wishes, Andrea Channing, the interviewer, started off by asking how she felt about the harsh comments that people have given for her song and also read out few jarring comments right at her face for which Black was a little emotionally shaken, of course. But she was bold enough to respond that she do not care about the harsh comments and that she took things positively. "Friday is the worst song ever that even dead people are complaining" was one of the comments. Black, in the interview, said that the worst comment she came across was "I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty, and I hope you go cut yourself and die…" After stating this, she expressed her wish to sing a duet with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. LOL!

American Idol former judge Simon Cowel, who is familiar for his blunt, sarcastic comments, has recently commented that he likes her as a person who has gotten so much publicity in just one week. He also expressed his wish of wanting to meet her.

Me thinks that for a song to top the chart (or at least sound listenable) all the elements of the song has to be given equal importance- voice, lyrics, music and all other technical aspects. The song fail to impress the audience if even one of the elements just mentioned is not up to the mark. Friday lyrics are so hilarious and she was crowned as the "lyrical genius" in few social networking sites. The excessive use of auto tune work in the song left a question in the listeners mind wheather Black is really a singer. To check how her voice would sound without auto tune, Channing, in her interview, asked Black to sing Friday without the aid of auto tune. She was not bad after all. Rebecca sensed her intention and responded that she is "not the best singer but also not the worst singer."

I hope her next song is a "good" Friday! :P

PS: I've been writing this post for a week now since I haven't found much time to finish it off at once. So this post is a week old and hence few information in the post may vary. :P

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