Thursday, 26 May 2011

My encounter with a star!!!

The below pictures might give you a bit of a surprise and makes you raise your brows asking "How!!?" :P
Read on to know how and where I met him..

Your friends and team mates would be as much happy as you are on your birthday only for one reason- Treat! Treating someone on his/her special occasion has become a custom now. My team had asked for a combined treat from everyone who had their birthdays last month. And also during the recent appraisal process, people who have been promoted were on the list as well. So all together, there were 11 victims for the day!

After intense research, we decided on Aloft, Sholinganallur. The hotel was really good with its ambiance and atmosphere so pleasing (It had to be! cuz its a 4 star hotel!!). While we were scoffing with our complete concentration on the food, there were commotion and camera flashes all of a sudden. As we were lost in gulping down scrumptious food, we took our eyes off the plate wanting to know who it was. To our surprise, its one of the leading actors in Bollywood Mr. Amir Khan with his family and two bodyguards. As i went forward to take few snaps, his bodyguards stopped me asking me to give him some privacy take pics after he dines.

As people started to throng towards Amir wanting to take a snap with him, the hotel officials moved him to another private spot which was on the other side of where we were dining. Though we were able to see him we couldn't go near him as his bodyguards stood there as barricades. I think some girl from my team spoke with one of the bodyguards and expressed her wish to take a snap with him and she was asked to wait till he dines.

After all it wasn't an excuse he gave to dine peacefully but he did spend some time to take few pics with him though he had to go for a shoot that night. Everyone who came there for dinner got something to put up/brag about on Facebook- "Me with Amir Khan!!" My intention of taking a pic with him was for the same reason as I'm not a big fan of his but like him as an amazing actor.

There would've been a fight between me and the bodyguards if it was A.R.Rahman instead of Amir. I'm pretty sure I would've done anything to have a chat with him, take a pic with him and to get an autograph from him. And that not for showing it off to friends but as a simple wish of a big big fan of his. I wish i get an opportunity like this with superstar Rahman next time. ;-)
In the pic: That's me and my team mates with Bollywood star Amir.

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