Sunday, 8 May 2011

She is the best in the world!!!

Today is one of the days to honour the person responsible for your existence. Mother is the reason for what you are and who you are. Not very often do we think of gifting something to our mom until its her birthday (and not very often do we think of writing a post about how wonderful of a person your mom is! :P). Mother's day has been a day to commemorate motherhood and has been an occasion to make her "extra" happy. I bought my mom a party handbag and made her that "extra" happy. (Well, bigger the earnings, bigger the gifts! I wish i get a salary hike!!!) I usually surprise her by keeping the gift in the kitchen (a place where every mother's day starts!!) so that when she wakes up in the morning and goes to kitchen, the joy she gets when she sees gift wrapped up all good with her name on it, and the moment of excitement when she opens it up, its just priceless! Never give your mom a moment to frown but make her smile forever with joy!

Happy mothers day to all!!!

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