Thursday, 12 June 2008

Reminiscence-- School Visit..!

School is the only place where one's mind and attitude is chiselled, nourishing education.. School is the reason for what you are and what you've become.. Its true that studying/working/being in a place for a long time would bring hatred, but not until we realize the sweetness that makes us stand nostalgic.. I happen to visit my school after 3 years.. I studied in St.Mary's Boys HSS, chennai.. Those memories of the old days where i used to savor every moment i'v been in my school.. Although 3 years is not much a long period, i missed my school a lot.. When in school, i wanted to finish my education and get rid of it as soon as possible.. But i was'nt sure that it'd bring tears when i step in my school after years.. The visit was'nt all planned.. I got a call from a friend who told me to assemble at my friend's place.. We were only five of 'em and no others (of our classmates) were available.. The memories of the good old times flashed when i reached the main gate of my school.. A spontaneous smirk rose in everyone's face and we looked at each other with reminiscence.. Since i studied in the same school right from my childhood, i remember the place where i used to wait for my autorikshaw to come and pick me up.. Renovations has been done and the classes looks neater than it used to be.. I went with my friends- Srivatsan, Arumugam, Ashwin and Balaji (the guy who acted in KKK as 'joe'.. He's my school mate.!).. We were first recognized by our P.T master, who was shouting at the students to form a line for the prayer as the lunch period just got over.. Everybody recognized Balaji and students thronged to have a closer look at him to believe that it was really him.. It was uneasy for us to accompany him.. Its so stupid to see students huddle around him begging for an autograph.. It was fun to watch as he was my classmate since my childhood and now he suddenly turn out to be a star, or kind of 'a star'..

The school canteen where we use to fight for samosas and bajjis.. The labs where we used to stand out most of the time with a 'incompletion of observation' tag.. The playground where we had fun playing weird games.. The toilets where the walls were once decorated artistically with profanities by us.. The libraries where we never borrowed a book from, rather read zoology books for better sexual knowledge.. And the classes where the actual heaven dwells, were welcoming us.. Most of the teacher remembered us except a very few.. Welcoming were profuse.. Teachers gathered and we had a talk for 2 hrs.. Many of the staffs that i wanted to see, retired from their jobs and new staffs were replaced.. I wanted to see my maths professor (who once has set a record in my class by taking 7 periods of mathematics subject in a 8 periods daily schedule) who was one of the reason for me to score 172/200 in a subject that i'v never crossed 50.. Unfortunately, he had retired from his job 6 months back ('i was late' i thought to myself.!).. Then saw our principle who was very happy to see his old students and spared his time with us to share some memories.. We allowed ourselves to walk the whole school, floor by floor, class by class, savoring the flourishing aroma of our old school..

The most astonishing thing is that i happened to meet a teacher who was my classteacher in LKG.. She was pretty old and hardly could recognize me.. I told her that i was her student and she was happy that i still remember her.. The only thing i wish i would'nt have done was calling Balaji, if i wanted a peaceful chat.. As school children was aware of the tv serial KKK, many students thronged to get an autograph from him that disturbs our conversation.. And then teachers start to ask about his current projects and he would brag about that.. And then we crack a joke on him and change the topic.. But it was fun watching little children longing for an autograph from a guy who studied with us, who now, is an actor..

School is always a step ahead of universities and colleges.. The moments we enjoyed in school would never come back again in any other educational institution no matter how big the institution is.. The shift of age from a little boy to a teenager, first crush and first love, everything happens nowhere but in school..

School days- Unforgettable memories that would bring tears..!

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