Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sarkar Raj--> Govinda Govinda..!!

Yesterday i saw the movie Sarkar Raj in Inox, city center.. I think there's no need for a detailed review cuz the movie is dumb.. Dialogues were like typing sentences with a long gap in between.. It takes 3 to 4 secs for each word to drop from Big B's mouth.. Ironically, He proved that action speaks louder than words.. And about the BGM which is nothing but 'Govinda Govinda' with all strings ensemble.. I guess the BGM gave a cryptic message about the result of the movie.. Its somewhat like 'Godfather'.. Me thinks, the movie was'nt all good.. Was'nt good that we exited the threatre even before the climax was screened.. Story-> Aishwarya Rai brings a power plant proposal to Abisheik to set up in Maharashtra.. Abishiek takes interest over it as he believes it would help the people of Maharashtra.. Amitab Bachan opposes this as his insight tells that something was wrong.. Tanisha Mukarjee (abishek's wife), who is pregnant, dies in a bomb blast which is actually set in Abishiek's Benz to kill him, who is saved by a phone call and when Tanisha, in the car, requests the driver to switch on the AC, which blasts the car.. And then bad guys kills Abieshiek and Amitab takes the revenge with Aishwarya.. Eventually, all of whom Abeisheik and Amitab believed to be the good guys, were the actual bad guys.. Amitab kills everyone.. Hurray.. The movie's over.. Govinda Govinda.. !!

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