Sunday, 8 March 2009

Connections- Mann Chandre karaoke..!

This is the karaoke of the song 'Mann Chandre' from Rahman's "Connections". Like Manmohini Moore (Yuvvraj), even this song chivvied me to compose a karaoke for it. I heard it so many times that i was able to find some of the instruments Rahman have used in this song. Its not very easy to find the instruments in a Rahman's composition (I think all the instruments i've guessed were right!). The singers of this song were Sukhwinder Singh and Shraddha Pandit. Rahman's made a good choice of singers (like he usually does!). I loved it the first time i heard it. After all, its a Rahman's composition.!
I hope this karaoke will fall very close to the original track. Hope you will like it. [Software Used: FL 8]

Click here to download.

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Sunthar Vykunthanathan said...

Sounds Awesome! When are you going to sing it?

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Thanx a lot Sunthar.. Im not a singer.. But will try singing for this song.. will post it soon..