Monday, 23 February 2009

Rahman Made History..!

Yes. He made history. He made the whole India feel proud. Being the fourth Indian to win the precious Oscars (First was Bhanu Athaiya for the movie "Gandhi" in 1982 in the Best Costume Design category, Second was Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray in 1992, Third was Resul Pookutty in Best film sound mixing category in 2009, just before Rahman), He also holds the record of the First Indian to ever win two Oscars.

I, like billion other fans of Rahman, wished him luck and prayed for him to win the most coveted Oscars. It was said that the results were to be announced on 22nd. Yesterday, I was at my friend's place, curious to know when the Oscars results will be announced. From the news channel, it was confirmed that the Oscars will be telecasted live on Star Movies exclusively. We (school mates) had a small get together meet at my friend's place but wretchedly we had no source to know about the Oscars cuz we had no TV in his room. If we had to watch the TV, we would have to wake up his parents who were sleeping in his house down stairs (Actually it was two floors where we took the top). I was then informed by my friends that the Oscars will be telecasted tomorrow morning at 6 30 am. We all went to bed sooner than we supposed to, just to save some energy to watch the Oscars live.

Rahman's 'Jai Ho' and 'O Saya' were nominated for the Best Original Song and he was also nominated for the Best Original Score. Every single Indian wished Rahman to win atleast one Oscar. Even me. I never thought he'd win one for the Original Score. When the results for the Best Original Score was announced, I jumped off the couch and whistled so loud that all my neighbours came running to see what happened. I believe it would have been a reaction given by everyone who was watching the Oscars live. Even for a person who was not a fan of Rahman, would have become his fan by the speech he gave with the award in his hand. He was so humble, unprejudiced. The best part was that, even at the Oscars he uttered the most used line by him in tamil "Ellam Pugazhum Iraivanukke". Soon after recieving the Oscar for the Best Original Score, he also won another Oscar for the Best Original Song 'Jai Ho'. But before the results for original score were announced, he performed 'O saya' and also performed 'Jai Ho' soon after 'Down To Earth' by singer John Legend. While Rahman was singing 'Jai Ho', John Legend joined with him singing 'Down To Earth' and the combo was really good. While recieving the award he said "All my life i've had choice of hate and love, and chose love, and im here. God bless". Again i drew all my neighbours attention by whistling with all my breath.

Rahman has etched his name on the walls of Indian history. Histroy that Indians wished to happen for a long time. Rahman made it happen.

There was also another Indian who won the Oscars before Rahman recieved his- Resul Pookutty for Sound Mixing. In the order by which the Oscars were announced, he was the thrid Indian to receive an Oscar. He was equally previliged even though he was one among the three (the other two who recieved the award along with him were Ian taap, Richard pryke) who won the award.

I personally feel that this was not Rahman's best composition. He has done many outstanding compositions which was not globally recognized. I wonder what would Rahman get if all his songs were put to light at the International grounds. After the winning of 2 Oscar awards, im sure that he will be Globaly recognized and has a favourable chance to write scores for more International movies and to win more Oscars.

Today was a great day for India and for all Rahman fans. I felt very happy for Rahman as if he were my own brother. Kudos to Rahman. I wish him more and more success in future. Jai Ho.

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