Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bigger than big.!

It was in the music competition that happened yesterday in my college in which we won prizes and more. I didnt expect that we'd win. But eventually we won first prize. The judges were two musicians from Laxman Shruthi, a famous orchestra. The first prize didnt impress me at all. I was put to feel more than 'impress' when the judges asked the audience to give us a standing ovation for our performance. We did a melange of songs. We did three songs in which the first one happened to be thala's (A.R.Rahman's) Vellai Pookal (Roja). I did the guitar strumming well that it sounded good. And i knew it was good from the response i got from the crowd. Next was Nenjukkul Peydhidum from Varnam Ayiram. I am pretty thorough with the chords and stumming of that song cuz when you search for Nenjukkul chords in Google, the chords which i posted in my blog comes first (Wow.! Worked hard on it though). So i was pretty good in re-creating the original guitaring. That brought me a good round of applause from the audience. Next was again thala's Mana Madhurai (Minsara Kanavu). For this song i played the bass guitar with which i think i did well (Cuz im not that good with the bass guitar. But since i wanted to sound professional, i took notes the previous day by listening to the track keenly and practiced much with it). Even this sounded a little good.

When to tell about my performance, i would say i managed to convince the crowd with my guitaring. As a team leader, when to tell about my team mates, they were really good at that particular time period ie., on stage. We had a good set of keyboards (Korg O1W) and good guitars and drums. Everyone did their role well and knew when to do what.

After the performance, we were told to wait on the stage cuz the judges wants to talk something. They lauded us for our performance and also said we sounded professional. And then came the big thing- a standing ovation. It was flattering when every single person whole heartedly stood up and applauded. We have won plaudits for half the cultural competitions we have participated in (Cuz some of them were really competitive), but this one was/is very special. I was glad.

Though the program was not that big enough (after all its our college's!), we managed to get good comments from people who knows music better. The one thing (actually many) i hate with my college is that they are still old fashioned. The high level management have to update themselves with the recent cultural trends. They run college with a bunch of lowbrows that the college still sticks to the old times. The way an event is organised is totally immature (a hard word though!). Even when it is students who has to organize the events, they are pulled back by the management so that they wont get into (or atleast touch the borders of) a 'real organised event'.

Team Mates: Arjun, Priya, Saranya, Vijay, Rekha (Singers), Me (Guitars), Vinod (Drums), Anurag (Keyboard).(This is my new team. My old team was best where this one was better.)

After all, yesterday was a great day. Had fun. Lurked about and ogled at girls (Not from our college. The frumpiest can be seen in our college.!). Had a great time. And do you know what.? My college princiapl wanted us to perform for half an hour in our Annual Day function. I think that is going to be something our college have never seen before. Cuz its always 30mins of fun (that includes dance, light music, other events etc.) and 3hrs of speech (chief guests, principal, and the someones who sit abreast to the chairman on stage). And thats why we always have students stay at home rather than coming to college on our "Grand Annual Day" function. This time, it would be fun to guess!


Sunthar Vykunthanathan said...

CongratZ! so your in India? I thought you were in the states? Anyhow good work! Keep it up!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Thanx tons bud.!