Monday, 19 January 2009

The Dissembling of Humankind..!

..The golden shades of dusk fell on his body adding more picture while he was organizing his memories. Standing on just a piece of concrete of breadth not even the length of his foot, he was fighting the wind to balance himself against the gravitational pull. Tears were chill due to the wind and directs its flow to his ears. Sorrow and conscience pulled him back to stay, untill he made his final act of his life. He was confused. Controlling the balance and his emotions his thoughts goes back to his happy times. Happy times which faded like his tears, even before realizing the true happiness of it. Despaired of ever getting back to his life again, his contempt for himself, made him to become what he is now, right now. Before he takes his step, he wondered how could his life be so miserable. He never wanted to be the way they wanted him to be. But he had to. He had no options or choices but to obey. He shouted at the stars, which he was told by his mother that every single star has his mother's love for him. He now believed that his mother was watching him from above, behind the blanket of silver dotted love, with tears in her eyes, wanting him to get to her. He closed his eyes for the last time and pictured heaven, as he believed he would go there where his mom is. He assumed he never had any other relations other than his mom. He had defeated the lion hearted, devoured the incompetents. Yet he is not successfull. Now, as he could see the eagles fly right in front of him in a cirlce, he thought they were there for him. He gave a beatific smile that he had never given ever in his life before, he streched his arms wide and did his final act of his life- taking one step further. He felt his gut on his back. The rush of wind smothered him. With his arms wide open, he felt he was God. He turned his head to sides to inhale some oxygen but in vain. Ironically, He never needed oxygen then. He observed the looming earth. Earth was what he thought it was. The distance between the ground and his feet was extensive. He pictured the prospects of himself in a couple of seconds, Yet relished his final few seconds. With his hands and legs spreaded, he maintained to stay in one direction of the fall, with heads facing the ground. As he observed the gradual increase in size, of which, a few minutes back seemed to him as tiny humans, he knew what he was going to become. The precipitaion of his identity into someone loathsome, someone whom he never wanted to become. The someone people never wanted to see or flinched after seeing. The body which gained force twice the gravitaional pull, hit the surface as hard as rock. Bounced back to a certain height against the gravitation due to ginormous force with which it fell. The fall formed a circle of dust around him brushing it away from him radially. At the first hit, he felt a thundering shock wave passing through his arms, dislocating his shoulders from its sockets, when he ignorantly tried to protect his body from hitting the ground. That was his instinct. Before his second hit, a few meters above the ground, almost every brain cells died, his face was twisted such that even his close ones will not be able to identify him. At the second hit, which was less intense, a puddle of blood hid most part of his face. Most of the bones were visible, which apparently were not white but were red with pieces of flesh still sticking. He appeared more chronic under the neon lights of the streets. The dry shades of his tears were now mixed with traces of blood. With a final death rattle, his eyes closed with a last drop of tear that stayed at the corner of his eyes. His life faded as did his heart beat.

Next morning, A newspaper, which took the part of a calling bell, flew hitting a door. A young lad opened the door with a coffee in one hand and took the newspaper with the other. He squinted at the headlines which read "Terrorist Committed Suicide".


seethu said...

omg!! how did u manage to think like this?? great work da!!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Thank u seethu..