Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy Bithday Rahman..! You're the Man of the World..!

Today, the 6th of January, is the birthday of India's most notable music composer A.R.Rahman.. My admiration and love for Rahman is echt and can be measured to the length equal to the stretch of the blue sky.. I always wonder how he composes songs that eventually becomes a hit.. Does he have any magical powers.? Like when he stike the keys of his piano with his dextorous fingers, music conjures up that gives him unfailling sucess..? World knows he is a hard worker.. But still.. And for a person to be so highly admired, respected, envied, how could he yet be so humble and differential.? Personalities who have achieved nothing close to Rahman, make excessive claim to what they do, or what they are, or what they've become, show off shit.. But how could Rahman, after achievng so much in life, be so down-to-earth.? Not only his amicable charater that helped him fight through wars, his talent that had been revealed to the world with his first movie Roja.. His way of compositions are unique and easily adored by listeners of all age.. Let his legendary musical works continue to give birth to lot of hit songs to which, we fans, are looking forward to..

On his 43rd Birthday, I would like to wish him my hearty wishes on his birthday through my blog..


I wish him more success and prosperity in his life.. Awaiting for his future hits..
'Rahman.. Magnificient you.. India is proud of you!'

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