Friday, 2 November 2007

My EQ experience 2..!

My first session audition got over last week. This post will be about my second session audition. After the first auditions, we were a bit nervous cuz of the weird thing happened on that day. So we thought we should practice a little more tougher. As usual, we all assembled at my friend Vinod's place on 25-10-07. We practiced for the whole day hard. We had nice time there. The atmosphere of the place was completely different. I really enjoyed each and every moment of our stay. His house was in the middle of somewhere, somewhere so pleasing. Everywhere you turn around is green with the aroma of fresh air. I really liked his house.

The auditions was on 26th. We were practicing real hard. One of vinod's friend came to our place jus to see our composition. He taught some drum beats to vinod, whoz the drummer. He requested us to sing the song cuz only then he could think about the right beats. We started playing the song and at the end of it, he said there was nothing to change and the song was so catchy. We really were happy cuz he, being patiently listening, his comments were really a very big one for us. He was a musician and also have released some albums. Hearing such a comment from a person whoz really into music, made us happy. After a while, he called me outside and said that he liked it very much. You should know how it feels when someone congratulate your creations. It was like i was carried in a golden chariot with thousands of people praising me. oh.! that was awesome. We shook hands and he went back home. We left from his home by 5.

It was 26th morning. We all assembled there at Nungambakkam, the same place where the first session audition took place. They said that the auditions will start by 1. We were there by 12 and awaited for our call. But one of the staff came out and said that our slot was put up at 5. Damn.! i really felt boring. I tried to call up my friends but no one really were interested to come, except my friend guru. He came and we were talking for some time. Time was nearing 5, and we were called to perform. Guru was standing out and was listening as no one other than the participants were allowed to get in. There were three judges. Everything was set and we were about to perform, by the timei had some problem with my guitar. Damn.! it was not tuned. It takes atleast 2-3 minutes for me to tune, but magically, it took jus some few seconds to tune up there. "Wow.! that was the fastest tuning", i muttered myself. We performed and the judges were impressed. They said that this, being an own composition, have a very good chance of winning. One of the judges also commented that we had no attitude or body language or the feel while singing. Other than that, everything was good, he commented. We promised that we'll surely win and came out with a big YELL. While coming, one of the judges called me up and told me that everything was good except the band's attitude. He was so stupid that he told us to PRACTICE attitude. How on earth can one practice attitude.? I stupidly said that we'll practice. My guitar has a unique style, something like how a rockstar has. He said that my guitar looks sinister so i should show some more attitude like running around the stage and cover the attention of the audience. These were his words "Kneel down, show yourself up, play guitar as of you are in some concert, run around the stage". Man.! i almost started laughing, promised him that i will and came out.

While i came out, i heard something weird from guru. He said that other college guys were saying that our song were rocking, and the sax especially was awesome, and praising our song like anything. Guru started laughing along with me, listening their comments. Anyway, that really pleased me in one way cuz they enjoyed the song, and thatz something wat we wanted.

After the audition, we were asked to go to 2nd floor of the building, for the off-stage shoot. We were so nervous to stand in front of the camera. Prakash, the singer of our team, somehow managed to give an intro and explained about our feelings. They told us to show thumbs-up in front of the camera and yell "EQ2". That was the only thing i did perfectly in that shoot. It was drizzling outside, we stayed there in the building for a while. We planned to leave before a heavy rain show up. Then myself, prakash and praveen went to munch something.We got into a hotel, and had a decent food and reached home at 9. I really enjoyed this EQ audition sessions. And i also have to say that i got a lot of new friends through this. Everything was new to me. The shoot, the competition and everything. But i enjoyed everything. Will catch up with my next post about my experience in the main shoot, soon.


Guru said...

Nice post macha, this EQ show has given you a lot of content to blog about.

And it is interesting to read your blog post, cos' you're describing something i witnessed. So ofcourse, i'll have my own impression, its fun to listen how you felt about the same thing.

Waiting for your post about the EQ shoot ..

*Sajith* said...

thnx da.. wil post it soon.