Monday, 19 November 2007

Love is like the wind, you can also see it..!

There is some things in life that would impress and mark footprints in your heart.. And some thing in life, if you see, it seems like its already happened, and you feel as if you're just blessed with some godly power.. I believe, a thing that makes me happy for few minutes, is just another godly thing that has come down all the way to show its beautiful colors.. Lately, i saw a movie that got engraved in me.. The movie that made me mushy.. This has made me so impressed that i wrote a blog for it.. I saw the movie A Walk To Remember some few years back.. I got bored and wished to see some movie.. What got on hand was this movie A Walk To Remember.. This movie made me comment a 'WoW.!' the very first time.. Every single scene of this movie is so well picturised with a beautiful story.. This story is about a guy who falls in love with a girl, who is sick.. Yes, a very normal movie but very different on screens.. The dialogues and BGM adorns the movie.. One of the song was sung by Mandy Moore, who plays Jamie in this movie.. Other BGM was sung by Switchfoot.. I watched this movie for more that 120 times and i still used to watch it whenever i find time.. A Walk To Remember, the title suits the story best and has a intimate meaning within.. The characters Landon and Jamie in this flick was played by the well known singers Mandy Moore and Shane West.. If you guys find time, watch the movie.. The story of the movie:


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vijay said...

very true....tis film is really is one of those feel good films...which leaves you with an impression throughout the life time.....and the soundtrack where mandymoore sings herself ("only hope")is just wonderful....

nice post sajith...lookin forward for further film reviews by u..