Thursday, 18 October 2007

Our IV video..!

This is our IV video.. The so-called 'Industrial Vist'.. I created this using the Windows Movie Maker.. a good food for your eyes.. lolz.. watch it..


Guru said...

Nice editing there. A short write up on the trip details would be great.

And also next time around when we go for a IV , we must actually make a proper IV video using a DVD camcorder or something.

*Sajith* said...

If i'v added up captions for each pic, i don think it would have come at least this well..

and about he camcorder.. Bhoooo..!

Guru said...

Illa macha, i was asking for a separate write up about the details of the trip below the video. Try to describe our IV, a small writeup about the trip would help. Like the places we went, The stuff we saw, the roads. etc ..

*Sajith* said...

Aha.. we did'nt really see anything so interesting.. rather shouting like a numskull for the whole trip.. anyway.. will post in our next IV video..


Guru said...

Nice signature ..

-G [:)]