Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My EQ experience..!

I really got bored and thought to write something. And i end up with this. k.. let me share my experience i had in the EQ audition session. I hope everyone would probably know what EQ is. For people who does'nt know, its a college cultural show in vijay tv. The program's last season got over and was a big hit among the other programs telecasted in vijay tv. Because of that, they planned to hit the screens again with EQ2.

We registered our names and we got the invitation no sooner. We were called for the first session auditions on 6th of this month. We started arranging the team for dance, light music and some variety skit. I know to play a bit of guitar so i put myself in the music session. I composed a song and that was what we were practicing. To say it all, we had a nice time bunking classes all day with this so-called 'practice'. The other section of this was 'dance'. The only thing that make dancers harder is that they practice burning calories, but for the music session, we burn thoughts, our feelings. But to heart, this own composition was different and it gives out immaculate harmony. I loved this song very much, not because i composed it, but was my very first composition and hopefully came out well. My team also gave me some ideas while composing, even their part were played in this. We bought new drums and pads and made a good touch with the song.

It was 9:00 am, 6th of oct. we were practicing hard. We had to be there at nungambakkam by 4:00 p.m. I felt really tired cuz i were on fast that day. It was like something unusual happening around me. I was not at all interested cuz i was'nt able to do anything. The team was in heavy practice while i was running in search of rest. We arranged a car to take the instruments as the place was too far from our college. We sent the car with all the instruments while we reached there in an autorickshaw.

We reached there by 4:00 sharp, enquired about our slot. We waited in the waiting room till we were called. It was a different atmosphere to be. I really was happy that day cuz i had all my friends around, sharing jokes, having fun. It was'nt really like we were there for the auditions. We broke the absolute silence, had an acquaintance with everyone around. Finally, It was our time to perform. We arranged the instruments perfectly. But the whole song would be empty without the guitar. I connected the guitar and I was getting some electric shock from the strings. It was because of the stranger, the stranger actually was for heavy instruments. It gave a high output and i started getting electric shock of around 10-12V. Damn.! that was the first time i experinced such a anomalous thing. The level of our contingence started getting high. We somehow managed with the other instruments without playing the guitar. But still, it came out well. We got selected. But that was the first time i experienced that kinda freaky thing.

We started from there by 6:00 p.m. I broke my fast by then. I got a very good friend called Naresh, who is my junior. From nungambakkam, we had to go to the railway station, which none of us know where it is. We walked 2-3 kms, but i could feel any pain cuz i was talking with this brotherly chap Naresh, who was that sweet who almost shared everything with me. It was 9 when i reached home. I could'nt able to move even a part of my body cuz i was that tired. I took bath and hit the bed early. The funny part was, i had model exam the next day. Even my models was fun, and it always be so. I stared this post cuz of some other reason and ended up sharing everything. I'll keep posting cuz we have lot more auditions to come and to hit the main program. I guess that it would obviously gives oodles of fun. More twaddles, in my next post.

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Guru said...

Nice post.. I think this your second narrative entry on your blog , this way of posting is way better i feel than ranting on some random topic ..

Anyways all the best for your whole team. I've seen you guys evolve over the past year, right from the KMC times, when you were really struggling without the support instruments. But now everything is coming together for you guys i guess, so just go out there and have fun doing what you love the most.

And the stuff you said about feeling great is absolutely true, making something right from scratch really pushes you on, right from the lyrics to the tune ( tho' we all know what inspired that tune , don't we ?)is all yours, right ? that makes is more special. A small advice , you guys need to move on, this gig is getting too old, i know you guys improvise every time , but you really need some fresh stuff ..

Keep us posted about the rest of the EQ experience through this blog.

Rock on !!