Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rahman- Neither Endhiran nor Robot!!

People always wanted to do things apart from what they meant to do (atleast have an urge!). Be it anyone. The 'little extra' thing you do really defines you. Lately, the trouble encompassing the CWG theme composed by Oscar winner A.R.Rahman infuriates me. The corruption and venality that surrounds the CWG has now become incredibly small in front of the CWG theme song issue. Politician's new stint as music virtuosos have outmeasured any other country's politicians. The number of thumbs down was more in the rating of the CWG theme. We all know about the magic of Rahman's composition. When most of the music aficionados have admitted the 'drug effect' of Rahman's music, politicians have now want to see themselves as music juries to judge Rahman's music. My blood boiled when Rahman was asked to re compose the tune. Rahman was not even paid the amount he demanded. Yet Rahman worked so hard to bring out the best from him to give out the CWG theme. Complaints were profuse when he needed extra time for the completion like he was working for some random Hollywood project. People must know that after all, even rahman is a human being. I was glad to see the music fraternity had supported him and had given positive response for the song. People who has the quality and capability to comment on his theme has given positive comments when politicians who knows only to scrape off people's money had given negative comments. As i said, People always wanted to do things apart from what they meant to do.

Everyone wants everyone to do something great for thier country. Even when someone emerges out from the whirlpool of corruption and ugly politics, there comes the imprudent set of politicians who wanted to get publicity one way or the other. People want Rahman to win Oscars, do Hollywood projects as well as Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood etc at the same time, win every award in the world, do everything what everyone says etc etc etc. Imagine, he is human as well. People just dont put themselves in his shoes. Rather they complaint with obsurd statements that Rahman only works for Hollywood projects. People here wants Rahman to give importance to India. Of course. But at the same time they also want him to win Oscars. How can one win Oscars doing Bollywood and Kollywood projects? I wanted people to see Rahman as a human first, then a musician. There were millions of Rahman fans all over the world even before he had won Oscars. That is the kind of talent Rahman has, to make eveyone dance to his tunes, irrespective of the age.

I really dont like it when people point at some random MDs and tell he is Rahman's competitor. No one really has the quality to compete with Rahman. If Ilayaraja comes into this picture, then its a big NO. Ilayaraja and Rahman cannot be compared and shouldnt be compared. They are good in their times. Its Rahman who is ruling now. Lets learn to appreciate that. The amount of creativity in bringing out a good music is significant when composing music. Rahman and Ilayaraja were really good at it. But they cannot be compared anyways. Some say Ilayaraja was able to give mellifulous tracks when there was no much teachnology. I agree. But it needs really good talent to rule the world with music made using modern technology. To be unique, One has to keep updating himself on latest music technologies, like Rahman.

Please do not compare Yuvan and Harris with Rahman. They are not worth to be compared with him. The kind of music what Rahman does is not even close to what they do. Once i even started an argument with a stranger in the bus who said that Yuvan is the next Rahman when Yuvan couldnt even cross Chennai. No one in the world can become Rahman. No one actually can. To be short and precise- Yuvan copies under 'inspiration' cloak, Harris just copies. To compare between the two, Yuvan, who steals from non-English songs and gives a strong hip hop influence in his songs is better than Harris, who follows a pattern no matter the story. Both are good but sometimes when we listen to their song which sounds similar to an English song, thats when they lose credit.

I started this post with exposing my anger on behalf of Rahman fans and slowly drifted to eulogize him (That happens to all rahman fans!). The main point of this post is- Stop accusing Rahman for nothing. He had given excellent music till now and he is the only one experimenting music and constanlty giving out hits. Lets wait and see how the CWG theme comes out. Im pretty sure the ones who were against it will soon be in favour of it (that will be a little easy for politicians!).

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