Tuesday, 13 July 2010

''--=--;> "B"-.-"O"-.-"R"-.-"E"-.-"D" <;--=--''

I dont wanna start with the usual 'After a long time im posting a blog' statement. Oh, I think i just did. Anyways, life after being employed is fun in many ways. When there are so many people outside who writes codes even in their dreams, why did Cognizant chose me? There must be a reason for eveything. And im happy that im in One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In The World.

There is something called "training" in every company where the newbies are SUPPOSED to learn few technologies. Cognizant owns something called the 'Academy' where the freshers are trained on whatever technology they are put in. My 3 months of training was fun to its exent. The one thing i hate about the Academy is that it gives you all opportunities to bond with your collegues so close that you so wanna be with them even after training. Even in my college farewell i was not as much saddened as i was when i left the Academy. We were 23 in our batch and we all wanted to stay together no matter what. But unforunately, that didnt happen. People were put in different places. Luckly, some people were put in the same location but under different managers. Unluckily, I was put alone. Im put in a "big project" which was recently launched. So my manager said there will be so much for me to learn compared to my friends.

Now im here in the alloted location, in the alloted cabin, with a alloted computer with no alloted work. My manager has so much work that he forgot the fact that a newbie joined his team. Im NOT dying to work, of course. But something is better than nothing. The bay where im put in is so wierd. People dont talk much to each other. Even if they talk, they only talk about Java and codes and crap. People look like they've lost their life the moment they stepped into this project. Im here sitting what to do next, chat with all my collegues and ask for updates, check mails, have coffee, play games, just do everything what can otherwise be done. The birth of this post is also one of the reason for my boredom. Thanks to my manager who didnt make me occupied with work which made me write this post after almost a year. Hail boredom. :-)

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