Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Realization Of Pulchritude- The Radiant Art.!

After every exams, I used to shovel the question papers, and other stuffs i used to take for the exam, in my bag and bring it home, Only to realize that i have them there when i search for a book in my bag for the next exam. I used to put every question papers in a drawer in my closet. After years, i got to arrange my closet to eliminate unwanted stuffs from it. While i came across this drawer, there were some hundred question papers filling the drawer. I don't know whether you'd reminisce looking just at a question paper which you've tried to answer, but i would certainly do. Because never a question paper that was given to me will have nothing written on it unless its a university question paper. I used to write something just to while away the time allotted to finish the question paper. Im an average student. Well, for the record, I'm a bit below average who fight wars to contain a 67%. So its obvious for a guy like me to write shit on a paper given to me to answer according to the questions given on it. Sometimes i used to do the general thing- shade all the circles with a pencil/pen (the circles include the circles in the letters 'a', 'q','b','g' etc.) just to make the paper look funny or- interesting. If that gives some more time which might provoke me (which never usually happens unless i study) to write something, I would usually write funny poems or captions or one-liners (which takes time to think as well as to write the same!). My personal option would be to write something rather than shading letters. I sometimes cartoon small character which resemble resistors and capacitors in my Electronics related paper and characters which resemble monitor and CPU in my Computer Science related paper. Now you might think how i managed to maintain an awesome percentage of 67 doing stuffs that wouldn't help me get more than 50%. Well, Im trying to find it out how. Its a miracle, i guess. Coming to what i was telling, i was going though all my question papers which i happened to find in my drawer and was laughing out loud just to bottle up a pang that kept telling me at the back of my head that i would've written something that the miracle would work out to get me a 70%. But i was happy, To see how beautifully i scribbled in all my question papers, and how beautifully i shaded every letters that not a mark of my pencil went beyond the circle, and how beautifully my poems sounded, and how beautifully my question paper looked. I always write what affects me the most. And i write it instantaneously as my mind says. My personal favorite is: "You took me to heaven, and i saw what hell is. Girls are fake". And sometimes i used to write "The questions given in this paper is no way related to ECE or at least the subject" at the top of the paper, just below the "JAYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE" heading. I also found some interesting stuffs in that drawer. There was a sheet of paper (the paper which was usually given to write the answers) which had three columns with names neatly written one after the other in every column. It was the names of all the pop and rock bands i know and was neatly written one below the other with no repetition. I just thought how much time i would've wasted to write that (probably most of the time allotted to finish the paper) cuz it takes so much time to think all name of the bands, write them down, then when i think again of a band name i would have to check it with the already listed bands, etc. Wow, ask me how to kill time in an examination for which the answers for the questions asked were unknown (at least for you!).

I loved to write lyrics of some songs (which my friends have hardly known of) in a paper and show it to my friends for their comments, claiming that it was mine. Some would find that it wasn't mine and some wouldn't; and some would comment on it. But eventually after any of the above cases, i would say that it wasn't mine. You might think what a sick job i've been doing when the class was going on. But it would be just wonderful to see the ones who comment for the lyrics written by some popular pop or rock artist. But i sometimes used to write something on my own. Some lyrics of just some random thoughts. I would get good comments or some turn out to be the sleuth and claims its not mine. Funny, either i plagiarize or truly wrote it.

When i was going through my 'question paper art' which took me to the good old days, i found a sheet of paper in which was written a poem- or so-called "poem". I dont remember who would have written it cuz there was no name. And am not that good in finding out who it could be just by looking at the handwriting. He probably would've got inspired to write this from.. well.. I don't have a clue. It goes like this (just as written):

"Whenever I feel, Im alone
I'l be thinking about you my dear
All the nights Im dreaming about you my dear
While Im walking,
While Im talking,
While Im bathing,
While Im ......?
I'll be thinking about you my dear
This is how the days of my life, have passed away
And that's how i came to know love is a sweet poison.

I can see your face on my book pages.
I'll be hugging and kissing my book pages.
The pages becomes wet, you are the reason for that
I don't want to blame you for that
But i want you to pay me, for the loss of my days.

It would be nice, If you are by the side of me
all the nights
No visa, no passport. I'll take you to heaven.
The doors are always open for someone like us my dear.
This is how i scribble versus on thinking about you my dear.
That may be the curses from God of love.
Whenever I feel, Im alone.
I'll be thinking about you my dear.. my dear.. my dear.. my dear.."

There was no name for this poem but i presume it to be "My dear". I liked it for what he tried to say, fighting my laughter. I wanted to share this with someone. So im putting it in my blog.

All my question papers are in my dustbin now. But it helped me take myself to the examination hall, seeing myself write shit on my question paper, never attempting to ask unknown answers to the person next to me, and the person next to me never attempting to ask anything to me for he would've known im either busy writing poems and one-liners or that i will have the faintest clue of what the answer might be. Reminiscing and repent the days simultaneously, for that miracle which would've got me a 70%. I hope another post would come up soon, as soon as i know where my answer sheets are stacked.!


praveen said...

Machi, I have seen your question papers and once i had commented on one of the lyrics that u had on your question paper but do not remember anything about that lyrics nor your reply... But I do remember some of your stylish writings on your question paper..

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@Praveen: Even your talents are exposed when you come to write exam with a void mind machi. Studies and me are like the Earth and the ceaseless boundary of the Universe. The distance is hard to measure, like my 'love' for studies. (Wow, i have a reason for my 67%! How sick!!) ;)