Saturday, 13 June 2009


Im really bored now. So bored that im writing a post. For no reason. Nothing. Really nothing. I don't know what to write. But still im writing. My computer has gone dead. So you may wonder how i got to write this. I have cousins. And they have laptops. Its been two weeks since my computer went dead. What would i have done if my computer was ok? Man, i wouldve watched loads and loads of movies, compose songs, listen to Rahman songs, sit in front of it with an open Orkut page and wait for a scrap, read blogs and post some funny comment, play games, do shit! I wouldnt have bought three novels if it hadnt been for my computer's temporary death. Three novels. Rs.60 each. Man, i spent 180 bucks. I read two books already. And im with the thrid one. A little thicker than the two. My brother takes the CPU to his friend's home to get the problem fixed. While i'll be at home, with this thicker book in hand, flipping each page, with a thought that he'd come with a no-problem CPU. But in vain. ok. To while away time, i went out with my friend. We went to three different places, which were at three different places, each very far from the other. Now you might think that for sure the friend must have been a girl. No. Its a guy. He has the same wavelength as i have. And even he was as bored as i was. Now. To kill time for at least 15mins, i write this. Now if even u were to kill time, I think i helped you kill 5mins in reading this. If you think i've wasted your time, then GO TO HELL.!

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